Warzone trick turns money bag into perfect trap

cod war zone money bag trapActivision Blizzard

A Call of Duty: Warzone user devised a way to trick other players into going after a booby-trapped money bag.

Players can find bundles and bags of cash scattered throughout various Warzone modes. Sometimes the money simply sits out in the open; on other occasions, a bit of scavenging is a must.

Even a half-decent stash can result in players making key purchases through the in-game Buy Station. Items such as armor, self-revive kits, and UAVs often prove especially useful.

Since video games typically train users to flock to nearby currency without a second thought, one member of the Warzone community devised a cruel – albeit clever – trap.

This COD: Warzone money bag trick works like a charm

warzone cash bagActivision Blizzard
For the love of money…

TikTok user torchD recently shared an edited gameplay clip that walks viewers through their Call of Duty: Warzone money trap.

The tactic involves hiding a claymore behind a sizable bag of money, then patiently waiting for an unsuspecting enemy player to take the bait.

When the enemy combatant approaches the cash, they inadvertently set off an explosive that nearly takes them out.

The trap doesn’t completely dispatch the other player in the video, but torchD is still able to get the kill after firing off a few shots.

Tricking Warzone players with money bag traps is admittedly an underhanded strategy. TikToker torchD proved the claymore trick works, though.

Given that over 1.5 million people have watched the video, thus far, Warzone faithful may want to spend the next several days being extra careful about the in-game cash they find.

And torchD’s “Bag Alert 2” video, which showcases a similar trap with a trail of money bundles, indicates these types of tricks will get more creative as time goes on.

Apparently, not even money is considered sacred in the world of Warzone.