CoD Vanguard reveals new Operator XP system with exclusive skins

CoD Vanguard multiplayer gameplayActivision

When CoD Vanguard launches on November 5, players will be able to grind through an entirely new progression system focused solely on Operators. Here’s how it works.

Throughout recent years in the CoD franchise, players have been able to earn a few different types of experience. What started as just overall account progression, hitting max level then opting to prestige, soon evolved with weapon XP joining the mix as well.

Each weapon now has its own individual tiers to grind through, with attachments unlocked along the way. Moving forward, Vanguard is set to introduce yet another type of progression to the CoD experience.

Operator XP is entirely new with this year’s release, granting players even more rewards than usual. Here’s how the new system works.

CoD Vanguard skinsActivision
Leveling up your account won’t be the only way to earn new cosmetics in Vanguard.

Picking your Operator now has more to it than just your appearance in-game. With Operator XP, you can now level up specific characters in Vanguard just by using them across multiplayer.

This applies not only to all Operators at Vanguard’s launch but also Operators set to arrive in future seasonal updates. As you might expect, leveling up each character comes with its own exclusive set of rewards.

Take Sergeant Arthur Kingsley as an example. While this Operator has his default appearance, simply playing as the British Paratrooper unlocks completely different skins. Some are mere recolors though others are unique designs and the highest tier unlocks even provide “special Gold attire,” Activision teased.

CoD Vanguard Operator skinsActivision
Each Vanguard Operator now has their own set of exclusive skins for players to work towards.

Operator XP is earned alongside all other forms of experience in Vanguard. Simply playing the game, completing matches, and tallying up kills will all push you through each Operator’s progression system.

Of note, however, you can fast-track the grind by using each Operator’s ‘favorite weapon.’ Not only does this provide additional Operator XP, but also bonus weapon XP as well.

For instance, we know that Polina Petrova is a sniper in Vanguard’s campaign. Thus, using her as an Operator in multiplayer with a sniper in your loadout is sure to maximize XP gains.

CoD Vanguard gameplayActivision
Using a sniper loadout while playing as Petrova could be the most efficient way to level up.

There’s no telling just how many levels each Operator will have available at launch.

Though with 12 confirmed characters to max out on day one, and more arriving each season, there’s plenty to keep even the most hardcore grinders satisfied.