Genius Warzone red door trick sets perfect trap for unsuspecting enemies

Sam Comrie
Warzone Red DoorActivision

The launch of Vanguard’s Pacific-themed map is on the horizon, but some players are still getting the most out of Verdansk, as this YouTuber shows off with a creative trick.

Verdansk may have changed its appearance multiple times with diminishing returns, but most players keeping the battlefield alive are still finding innovative ways to revitalize Warzone. We’ve seen many tactical ploys used, from “glitched” loadouts to selfless teammates allowing pros like Tommey to rack up insane kill feeds.

But before we say goodbye to Verdansk in the weeks to come, this simple yet clever distraction has to be used immediately.

Warzone CalderaActivision
Warzone will shift tides to the Pacific, with the launch of the new map Caldera.

Masterful Warzone tactic showcases Red Door trick

It hasn’t been easy to wade through the difficulties of Warzone, especially as hackers ran rampant through the game. This hasn’t broken the spirits of dedicated players, as useful tricks like this Red Door distraction are still breathing much-needed life into the core moment-to-moment gameplay.

The Red Doors were introduced originally in the Black Ops Cold War campaign, but the developers soon realized their potential within Warzone. Designed as a method of randomized fast travel, content creator Allenownz and his squad have been painting standard doors red in-game, in hopes of luring unsuspecting players into a trap.

Making the transformation from normal to red was the easy part, but by using the sound of an unopened chest…well that is just genius.

“Yo! This thing is looking real” the YouTuber said after the quick makeover had taken place. Waiting on the other side of the door, eventually, one unlucky player found themselves with a one-way ticket to the gulag.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to high IQ Warzone plays. Who knows what Caldera will bring.