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Black Ops 4: Full details on the brand new ARAV, the first ever combat vehicle in Blackout

Published: 12/Dec/2018 3:17

by Albert Petrosyan


The new Operation Absolute Zero content drop in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has introduced several new additions to the game’s three main modes.

One of the biggest additions is the brand new ARAV, which is the first ever combat-centric vehicle in the Blackout battle royale mode.

ARAV is a three-player off-road monstrosity that is the second fastest land vehicle in Blackout, behind the ATV in terms of pure speed, and is the second toughest, with the Cargo Truck being the first. 

The ARAV offers three distinct positions that players can occupy while riding – the driver, passenger, and turret gunner.


The driver’s role is self explanatory, but there are a few noteworthy aspects about the passenger’s seat. As the passenger, player’s have the option of either staying seated or leaning out the window.


Both positions have their pros and cons; staying seated allows the player to be safe inside the vehicle, but all weapons and equipment are unavailable for use other than healing items.

Leaning out the window allows a player to take full advantage of their inventory and shoot at enemies, but there is no cover so the player is left exposed to return fire.

The switching process is simple – pressing the ADS, Fire, or Use Equipment buttons will cause the player to lean out the window, and re-entering requires just the press of the Re-enter of Switch Seat button. 


Finally there’s the Turret Gunner position, where players are placed on a mounted machine gun that has 360-degree aiming capability. 

The turret has two main mechanics – overheat, which occurs when the turret has been fired for an extended period of time and needs to cool down, and durability, which causes the turret to become permanently disabled over time.

Smoke pouring out is a sign that the turret’s durability is running low, and it will ultimately catch on fire when the durability hits zero, after which it can no longer be used. 

Operation Absolute Zero is the second Operation content stream released in Black Ops 4, the first being First Strike. For more information it, including all new additions and changes in Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies, visit our information page here.