Bizarre Warzone 2 DMZ glitch traps players in downed state after being revived

Warzone 2 player after being downedActivision

Warzone 2 players enjoying the new DMZ mode are being hit by a strange glitch that leaves them stuck in a downed position even after being revived by a teammate.

DMZ has been welcomed by the community as a change of pace to the regular Warzone 2 battle royale formula. Heavily inspired by Escape From Tarkov, DMZ tasks squads of players with hunting for loot around Al Mazrah, battling AI and real players, before extracting safely.

Despite the generally positive response, players have raised a few issues that they’d like to see resolved later down the line, including a change to the overpowered bots found across the map.

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Now, Warzone 2 fans have stumbled across a hilarious but frustrating glitch that’s ruining DMZ matches by leaving them stuck on the ground after being revived.

Reddit user ‘Battlemike’ shared a clip of the bug in action to the Warzone 2 subreddit after he ran into the issue with the rest of his squad.

After reviving one of his fallen teammates, rather than standing straight back up and rejoining the action, they continued to lay lifelessly on the ground. What made the glitch even stranger, however, was that they were still able to glide around while in the downed state.

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While undoubtedly funny to look at, the affected player was clearly confused as to what was happening, and even found themselves unable to fit through doors because of the bug.

“Ain’t this a b*tch, what the f*ck is this sh*t?” the knocked player asked as they slid around the floor. “Listen, I can’t even leave the f*cking room.”

Luckily, after multiple attempts from both teammates to try and pick up their friend, as well as plenty of shots and grenades, they finally stood back up properly and were back in the game. It’s unclear if they did something different that counteracted the bug or simply repeated the usual revive process over and over again.

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Even though the squad clearly saw the funny side, if an enemy team had stumbled across them while the glitch was in play, they would have been a man short in the fight and possibly eliminated.

It remains to be seen if this is an isolated incident or the start of a recurring problem that needs to be addressed in the upcoming Season 2 update.