Best Warzone settings on PC to increase FPS

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One thing that can give you a big advantage Warzone multiplayer is having the best possible graphics settings for FPS. If you’re still grinding the original Warzone, these are the best PC settings to use to increase FPS in Warzone.

If you’re looking for the best PC settings to use in Warzone 2, we have a separate guide for that, as there are some new settings to look out for too.

Performances issues can, unfortunately, be common with action-packed shooters, even when using a high-spec computer – and there’s nothing more frustrating than losing a gunfight over a drop in frames. FPS drops in particular are a PC player’s worst nightmare they’re immersed in a fast-paced title like the Call of Duty Battle Royale.

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Running the optimal settings, however, can often alleviate any issues and have your game up and running smoothly after just a few small changes. Here are the best settings to get Warzone running with higher FPS.

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A soldier firing their weapon with fire in the background in Call of Duty WarzoneTreyarch/Activision
Players should be looking to maintain the best FPS settings for Warzone on PC.

Best Warzone Settings for better FPS on PC

For starters, it’s key you have the latest graphics card driver installed on your PC. This is a tip that’s mentioned over and over again, but you’d be surprised how much of a difference updating your drivers can have.

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Updating graphics drivers for the best FPS in Warzone

Whether your PC has an AMD or NVIDIA card, it’s relatively easy to make sure everything is up to date. To do this, follow these steps:

Updating your AMD driver

  • Right-click on your desktop.
  • Select ‘AMD Radeon Settings‘.
  • From here, click ‘Home‘.
  • At the bottom left, you’ll see ‘New Updates‘. Click that.
  • Select the ‘check for update‘ option.
  • Continue to follow the information displayed on your screen to download the update.

Updating your NVIDIA driver

  • Open the GeForce Experience. You can download it here.
  • At the top left of the application, click the ‘Drivers‘ button.
  • Towards the top right of the tab, you’ll see ‘Check for Updates‘. Click that.
  • You may also see that a driver is already listed for download. If that’s the case, click ‘Express Installation‘.
  • A window will probably pop up asking if you’d like to proceed. Click ‘Allow‘.
  • The update will now install, and you’re ready to go!

NVIDIA DLSS in Warzone

The must-have DLSS setting made its way into Warzone during Season 3 Reloaded. If you own an NVIDIA RTX graphics card, you can get some of the best performance out of your game to help land those kills.

With DLSS, ‘Ultra Performance’ is your go-to choice if you want to sacrifice as much visual fidelity as possible for those boosts in in-game stability.

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Let’s check out the best in-game settings you should be running in Warzone to maximize your FPS:

General Setting
Dismemberment & Gore Effects Disabled
Display Mode Full Screen
Screen Refresh Rate Set this to your personal monitor’s refresh rate
Render Resolution 100% – reducing this will further reduce your resolution below 1080p
Aspect Ratio Automatic
V-Sync Disabled
Custom Framerate Limit Custom – set this to the same number as your monitor’s refresh rate.
NVIDIA Highlights Disabled
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency Enabled + Boost
Details & Textures
Texture Resolution Low
Texture Filter Anisotropic Low
Particle Quality Low
Tessellation Disabled
On-demand Texture Streaming Disabled
Streaming Quality Low

As well as the above settings, you can also further improve your FPS by making changes to the following graphical settings below, which are known to be really taxing on your machine.

A soldier aiming their weapon from behind cover in Call of Duty Warzone.Activision
As Warzone continues to grow, community resources have helped the scene’s content.
Shadow & Lighting Best Setting
Shadow Map Resolution Low
Cache Spot Shadows Enabled
Cache Sun Shadows Enabled
Particle Lighting Low
DirectX Raytracing Disabled
Ambient Occlusion Disabled
Screen Space Reflection (SSR) Disabled
Post Processing Effects
Anti-Aliasing Off
Depth of Field Disabled
Filmic Strength 0.00
World Motion Blur Disabled
Weapon Motion Blur Disabled
Film Grain 0.00

Using all of the settings listed above will help alleviate any drops in frames, and your game will run as smooth as butter.

Of course, the Caldera landscape will certainly not look as pretty as it did before, but a consistent framerate is guaranteed to improve your gameplay experience.

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There you have it, that’s everything you need to know about how to get the best Warzone settings for FPS on PC.

Make sure to check out our other Warzone guides below, and head over to our Call of Duty page for all the latest updates.

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