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Best Double Barrel Shotgun Warzone loadout: Class setup, Attachments, Perks

Published: 27/Dec/2021 0:45

by Brad Norton


The best Double Barrel Shotgun Warzone loadout will have you wiping squads in the blink of an eye, and we’ve got all the strongest Attachments and Perks needed to reign supreme with a dual-wield setup in Season 1.

CoD Vanguard’s Double Barrel Shotgun is one of the strongest weapons in Warzone Pacific. While it’s decent at first, the right attachments can boost it into one the most powerful Shotgun across both Caldera and Rebirth Island.

From the best Perks to the optimal Attachments, here’s everything you need to equip the best Double Barrel Shotgun in Warzone Season 1.



Best Double Barrel Shotgun Warzone loadout

Warzone Double Barrel Shotguns
Dual-wielding Double Barrel Shotguns is a recipe for success in Warzone.
  • Muzzle: M97 Full Choke
  • Barrel: LJ-18 Defender
  • Optic: G16 2.5x
  • Stock: Removed Stock
  • Underbarrel: (Disabled due to Akimbo Perk)
  • Magazine: Leave empty
  • Ammo Type: Incendiary
  • Rear Grip: Pine Tar Grip
  • Perk 1: Akimbo 
  • Perk 2: Quick

With 10 attachments to pick from, our Double Barrel class focuses on one specific playstyle. The goal here is to improve hip-fire accuracy and movement speed across the board in order to maximize damage output with a dual-wield setup.

To start out, the most important attachments are the Perks. We’ve settled on Akimbo and Quick to enable dual-wielding while boosting your sprint speed. These Perks combine to create one of the most powerful loadouts in Warzone today, and it only gets stronger with the remaining picks.

Next up is the M97 Full Choke Muzzle, an essential pick to reduce pellet spread. Rather than coating a large radius in weaker damage, this attachment shrinks that radius to focus all damage in a tighter circle.


The LJ-18 Defender Barrel comes in next to improve damage, hip fire damage, and even damage range as well. It’s an effective pick for multiple reasons, but given the Akimbo setup, none are more important than its boost to hip fire damage.

Warzone Double Barrel Shotguns
Removing the Stock is essential for both hip-fire and movement buffs.

It’s crucial to note that two attachments are out of the equation with this Double Barrel Shotgun class in Warzone. First, the Underbarrel is disabled as a result of the Akimbo Perk. Second, with only two Magazines to choose from, we recommend sticking with the default option instead. Neither attachment is worth a look.

Rounding things out, we have the Incendiary Ammo Type to further improve damage. With just one pellet needed to apply fire damage over time, there’s no better pick for almost any Shotgun build in Warzone today.


Last but not least is the Pine Tar Rear Grip and the G16 2.5x Optic to add the final buffs. The former improves hip fire accuracy while the latter improves overall accuracy. Combined with our previous picks, your aim will now be optimized to help every shot reach its target.

Best Double Barrel Shotgun Warzone setup (Perks & Equipment)

Warzone Double Barrel Shotguns
Dual-wielding Diamattis goes a long way to improving this Double Barrel class.
  • Perk 1: E.O.D.
  • Perk 2: Tempered
  • Perk 3: Amped
  • Secondary: Diamatti
  • Lethal: Frag Grenade
  • Tactical: Stim

Running this Double Barrel Shotgun loadout in Warzone requires a few unique picks in terms of equipment. While EOD is still a staple, it’s crucial you run with Tempered and Amped in the final slots.

Tempered keeps you in the fight by allowing you to armor up quicker than usual. Rather than wasting valuable time filling out three plates, you only need two to reach max health with Tempered equipped.


Meanwhile, Amped is essential to swap weapons in the blink of an eye. With dual-wield Diamattis on standby, you’ll be taking down entire squads without having to reload. Just enter with the Double Barrels and finish with the Diamattis.

Warzone Double Barrel Shotguns
Tempered helps keep you on the move with this Double Barrel build.

When it comes to Lethal and Tactical picks, there’s no looking past the standard Frag Grenade along with Stims.

Popping a Stim at the right time can give an enormous speed boost as you leap towards an enemy team. There’ll be no stopping you if you can time the buff perfectly.

How to unlock the Double Barrel Shotgun in Warzone

Warzone Double Barrel Shotguns
Unlocking the Double Barrel Shotgun in Warzone just requires you to level up.

All that’s required to unlock the Double Barrel Shotgun in Warzone is to reach level 49. The moment you hit this level, you’ll have access to the powerful primary weapon.


Obviously, this process can be sped up through the use of double XP codes and even bonus XP weekends when available. We recommend completing contracts or dropping into Plunder to help along the way.

Alternatives to the Double Barrel Shotgun Warzone loadout

Warzone Gunsmith
The PPSh-41 is Warzone’s strongest SMG in Season 1.

If a close-range build isn’t your style, you can always swap over to a mid-range SMG loadout instead. That’s where our ultimate PPSh-41 Warzone class comes into play.

With the right set of attachments, you’ll be beaming entire teams without a hassle. It provides slightly more range than the Double Barrel Shotguns with a faster fire rate to boot.

So there you have it, the full rundown on the very best Double Barrel Shotgun loadout in Warzone today. With new patches changing things up every week, however, there’s a good chance our build will be impacted by future updates.

Rest assured, we’ll continue to refresh this setup over the coming weeks to reflect any big shake-ups in the meta. For now, be sure to check out some more devastating Warzone loadouts below:

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