Every Warzone Gulag ranked from worst to best


The Gulag is an integral part of Warzone. You never want to end up there, but the opportunity to come back and re-enter the battle is often the difference between a win or a loss. Here, we’ve ranked the Warzone Gulags from worst to best.

You’ve got to enter the Gulag with a random weapon and simply win a 1v1 gunfight — but it’s never quite as simple as that.

There’s always a strategy to winning your Gulag, and it can be as infuriating as it is exciting.

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That said, with the Gulag changing every season and shifting the gameplay, some are better than others. Here, we’ve ranked every single Warzone Gulag so far in order from worst to best.

6. Rebirth Island Gulag

New Warzone gulag rebirth islandActivision
The Rebirth Island Gulag wasn’t much of a fan-favorite.

This Gulag quietly disappeared from Rebirth Island and the Resurgence modes, but it’s fair to say that it wasn’t particularly warmly welcomed by players anyway.

It was particularly easy to hide in a corner and camp from spawn, and the intense lack of cover outside of the very central part of the map made fights here a bit boring.

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5. Rush (Season 5 Gulag)

Warzone gulagActivision
The Rush Gulag hasn’t impressed Warzone players much.

This recreation of Rush in Gulag form has been a big swing and a huge miss. There’s so much going on that it’s almost impossible to feel satisfied with the gunfight, no matter which way it goes.

Remove some of the mess and this could be a decent Gulag, but there’s simply too much going on, leaving gunfights feeling incredibly random and more like you’re navigating a maze.

4. Hijacked (Season 4 Gulag)

Warzone Gulag HijackedActivision
The Hijacked Gulag was definitely one that players had a love/hate relationship with.

The Hijacked Gulag was definitely a grower, and one that many Warzone players’ perspectives changed on throughout the season.

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While many fights simply came down to whoever could hop over to the head glitch and get their gun up first, there were several power positions across the map that simply came down to players’ awareness and ability to make plays.

3. Gulag Showers (Season 1 Gulag)

warzone gulag showersActivision
The Gulag Showers were the original, and one that players still reminisce about to this day.

The Gulag Showers were the original, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they were the best. Of course, they were fun, but far from perfect.

More often than not, winning in the Showers came down to fortunate timing and a bit of luck — there wasn’t a real ability to make plays or prove to your opponent that you’re an outright better player. That’s where a Gulag like Hijacked or Standoff excelled.

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2. Standoff (Season 3 Gulag)

warzone standoff gulagActivision
The Standoff Gulag was one that had the ability to really separate the bad players from the good, with a discernible skill gap.

Standoff provided a good mix of open space and cover positions, allowing gunfights to play out more naturally and not end with one player feeling like they’ve been screwed over by the game.

The level of risk vs reward was actually greater than most Gulags, too, especially with the flag placement being open from almost any angle.

1. Nuketown (Season 2 Gulag)

warzone nuketown gulag newActivision
The Nuketown Gulag is heavily remembered as a fan-favorite in Warzone.

For many, Nuketown was one of if not the best Gulag Warzone has had, and not just because of the familiarity of the iconic map.

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The options were almost endless in this Gulag, with positional play and strategy absolutely paramount. It was impossible to hide in, which always guaranteed action for even the slowest players.

With Warzone Season 6 right around the corner, we’ll be getting a new Gulag in Warzone any time soon. Hopefully it’ll play out a little bit nicer than the Rush and Rebirth Gulags, and with the theme of classic Black Ops maps always seemingly the focus point, there’s a plethora of options to choose from.

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