All Warzone Pacific Caldera locations in real life: Capital, Terminal, Peak & more

Warzone Pacific locations in real lifeActivision

The new Warzone Pacific Caldera map is heavily inspired by real-life locations from around the world, and that played a part in World War II. Here are the real places that inspired Warzone’s new POIs, including Capital and Terminal.

Warzone’s original Verdansk map was heavily inspired by real locations. From regions of Donetsk, Ukraine, to the building that starred as Nakatomi Plaza in the first Die Hard movie, there were plenty of winks to actual places.

It appears that the new Pacific Caldera map will be no different. Reddit user Metaforze managed to dig up the very real Pacific locations that seem to have inspired some of the new POIs.

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Check out all of the real locales in Warzone Pacific Caldera, compared side-by-side.

Capital – Ali’iolani Hale

Caldera Capital and Ali’iolani HaleActivision / Historic Hawaii Foundation
The front of Ali’iolani Hale looks nearly identical to the Capital in Warzone Pacific

The Capital POI in Caldera is almost a carbon copy of Ali’iolani Hale, found in downtown Honolulu. Everything from the clock face to the supporting pillars has been plucked and placed straight into Warzone.

Roughly translating to “House of Heavenly Kings,” the building was built in the 1800s and is home to the Hawaiʻi State Supreme Court. It is one of the most recognizable landmarks in all of Hawaii.

Unfortunately, the famous statue of Kamehameha the Great hasn’t made its way into the game, but everything else seems to be here.

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Peak – Haleakalā Observatory

Caldera Peak and Haleakalā ObservatoryActivision / Haleakalā Observatory
While it’s not a one-to-one recreation Peak has taken cues from the Haleakala Observatory

Caldera’s highest point features a military battery installation for players to fight over, an ideal spot for weathering the endgame storm.

Found on the island of Maui, the Haleakala Observatory was Hawaii’s first astronomical research spot when it was built in 1961.

To look at, Peak doesn’t share too many similarities to the Haleakala Observatory, outside of its round shape and white color. However, both sit on top dormant volcanoes, so there’s no doubt that Sledgehammer is giving it a nod.

Royal Cabana Resort – Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Caldera Royal Cabana Resort and Royal Hawaiian hotelActivision / Royal Hawaiian hotel
Another inspiration from Honolulu, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and Cabana Resort look very similar

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel is one of the world’s most striking hotels, thanks mainly to its pink color. It makes sense, then, that the Warzone devs would want it as a key location in Caldera.

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It’s a hotel that has become one of the most luxurious in all of Hawaii, with many celebrities staying there throughout its 90-year history.

Royal Cabana Resort takes not only its bright palette but the building’s structure too. Both the arches and the roof share undeniable similarities with each other.

Shark’s Lair Submarine Pen – Lorient Submarine Base

Warzone Shark’s Lair Submarine Pen – Lorient Submarine BaseActivision / Pintrest
The Lorient Submarine Base was built by the Germans in WWII

Moving away from Hawaii, France’s Lorient Submarine Base shares very similar architecture to the Sub Pen POI. Vanguard players will also recognize this as the Sub Pens multiplayer map.

Used by the German Navy in the Second World War, it was home to many of the U-boats that dominated the seas. Following their surrender, Lorient was taken over by the French navy.

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It remained in use until 1995, after which it was converted to civilian use. You can still visit the base to this day.

Terminal – Ford Island Control Tower

Warzone Caldera Terminal and Ford Island COntrol TowerActivision / Historic Hawaii Foundation
Warzone Pacific’s airport shares the iconic red and white control tower from Ford Island

Last but not least, Warzone Pacifc’s Terminal POI takes more than a few cues from Ford Island in Pearl Harbor. Given its historical significance, it’s no surprise to see it show in Caldera.

The attack on Pearl Harbor was a huge turning point in WWII and was the catalyst for the United States joining the conflict.

Both Ford Island and the Terminal POI share clean white buildings with a red control room. There was a similar location in Verdansk, but it stood out far less.

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Those were all of the real-life locations in Warzone Pacific that we know of so far. Keen fans will be scouring the internet to find any more once the new chapter goes live, so we’ll be sure to update his page with any new discoveries.