Aydan and Swagg reveal their $300K World Series of Warzone trios

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Call of Duty: Warzone star Twitch streamers Aydan and Swagg have both casually revealed their World Series of Warzone trios after being announced as captains for the June 23, $300,000 tournament.

The $1.2 million World Series of Warzone is the biggest tournament series in the game’s history and, as such, has some remarkably large names involved. With 150 players set to play in the first $300,000 WSOW private lobby on June 23, a variety of participants continue to be revealed.

In coordination with the Call of Duty League, the tournament series features CDL pros, Warzone stars, and lesser-known invitees who qualified in open tourneys. During June 10’s Summer Game Fest, Johanna Faries announced five streamer captains as well: TimTheTatMan, Dan Dangler, Nadeshot, Swagg, and Aydan.

The latter two, both superstar Twitch streamers and frequent Warzone competitors, have subtly announced their trios for the event. First, Aydan — who is the highest earner in Warzone — revealed that he’ll be teaming with a stacked group.

Based on recent tournaments and Aydan’s hashtag, it seems that he’ll be teaming with Rated and HusKerrs. This is a strong team, composed of Warzone’s three highest earners. This three also got some custom-lobby practice in with a top-five finish at the latest $25K TeeP’s Trials.

Aydan’s World Series of Warzone team

  • Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad
  • Rhys ‘Rated’ Price
  • Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas

As for Swagg, he was a little less subtle about his squad, as he tagged both expected teammates in a tweet.

Swagg’s team puts him alongside his longtime duo (and Nuke Squad brethren) Booya and one of Warzone’s most dominant competitors (and most mysterious), Diaz Biffle.

Swagg’s World Series of Warzone team

  • Kris ‘Swagg’ Lamberson
  • Booya
  • DiazBiffle

While other WSOW teams, like OpTic Chicago and the New York Subliners’, are stacked with legendary CoD players — these two Warzone units should be among the favorites to win.

No player in either of these trios ranks outside of the top 24 for earners in Warzone, so it’s clear that they’re formidable in tournament play. Still, as the WSOW will take place in private lobbies, this should be a new environment for the game’s stars, who typically play Duo Quads and kill races.

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