Warzone star DiazBiffle erases Cronus & hack concerns in first face cam stream

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DiazBiffle is arguably the most dominant player in Call of Duty: Warzone, so he’s gotten his fair share of Cronus and hack accusations. He (mostly) put those to rest by getting on FaZe Swagg’s setup for his first-ever face cam stream.

With the sixth-most earnings in Warzone history, Biffle has made a smooth $134,742 from tournament play — despite limited participation due to scholarly obligations. And none of that money has gone into his stream setup, as he is notoriously known for not showing his face (or anything, for that matter).

While other top players and pros have responded to hacking and Cronus claims by showing hand cams and their monitor, Biffle has largely ignored those accusations. Of course, that hasn’t meant fewer allegations thrown his way.

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Now, though, Biffle’s Baka Bros are visiting FaZe Clan’s newest content house for the Nuke Squad. During that visit, Swagg got Biffle to get on his setup — meaning critics finally got to see him play on camera, without his own PC and controller, and still fry.

Most Warzone pros have gotten various hacking and Cronus accusations. And Swagg is no exception, having been at the center of drama that caused NICKMERCS to come to his defense.

But, unlike most of the accused, Biffle never plays on camera and nobody ever sees his controller. So, while he still hasn’t changed his setup, Swagg heeded his community’s requests and got Biffle to run a game on his PC while visiting.

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Amidst jokes about Biffle being uncomfortable without his Cronus and his wall hacks, the streamer showcased the signature, recoil-free aim that he has become so known for. Zipping enemies out of the sky and relentlessly locking onto heads, the gameplay showed flashes of Diaz’s normal play — despite being in a completely different environment. 

And yes, the environment was so atypical for Biffle that his feet couldn’t even touch the floor while using Swagg’s chair.

For those who suspected Biffle of cheating, this video should likely ease some concerns. For those who think all Warzone streamers are cheating and using Swagg’s setup doesn’t solve anything, there’s probably nothing that could change their minds.

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