Warzone stars Swagg & Nuke Squad move into their own FaZe gaming house

faze clan nuke squad content houseTwitter, @FaZeClan

First, Swagg’s Nuke Squad Warzone team joined him in FaZe Clan. Now, all three — Booya, Santana, and JSmooth — are joining him in Los Angeles at Nuke Squad’s very own FaZe content house.

If you’ve followed FaZe Swagg’s journey at all, then you know the whole Nuke Squad crew already. Booya, Santana, and JSmooth have been rocking with Swagg since before Verdansk, when the quad was renowned for dropping huge games in Modern Warfare’s Ground War mode. 

In March 2021, FaZe Clan decided enough was enough — and brought the entire Nuke Squad into the gaming organization.

Now, they’ve taken things a couple steps (and a lot of miles) further, by debuting a new FaZe Nuke Squad content house in Los Angeles, California. All members have traveled over there from across the country and, rocking new robes, look like they’ve already made it home, sweet home.

While the Nuke Squad regiment is filled with top players and creators across Warzone, the core four are the only ones who have been announced as part of FaZe and as members of the new house.

That means it’s just Swagg, Booya, JSmooth, and Santana — for now. But no one knows if fellow regiment members, like the Baka Bros’ DiazBiffle or YouTube superstar JGOD, will get automatic invites to the new crib.

For FaZe and Nuke Squad fans, this reveal likely means that they can expect content to start getting filmed in California as well, not just Verdansk.