World Series of Warzone 2024: Teams, schedule, prize pool, more

Jacob Hale
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The 2024 World Series of Warzone is getting ever closer, and the first set of teams have started to etch their names in attendance at the Global Final. Here’s everything we know about the World Series of Warzone this year including who has qualified, the schedule, and more.

The World Series of Warzone has been a landmark tournament for COD battle royale competitors each year since 2021, with 2023 marking the first time it was hosted on LAN, with spectators in attendance and a trophy for the players to take home.

In 2023, players gathered in London for the event. The trios competition was won by Biffle, Sage, and Shifty, while Skullface won the Solo YOLO $100k tournament. In the past, we’ve even seen top names like former OpTic Gaming CDL pro Seth ‘Scump’ Abner winning it all, with his widely celebrated Verdansk solo win, taking down Aydan in the final 1v1.

2024 looks set to be much different, though. Here’s what we know.

Teams competing

Here are all of the trios heading to the Global Final:

Aydan, DjMas, zSmitBiffle, Soka, ShiftyBraxtvn, Yungstaz, JujuSaiyanDongy, UnRational, ScummN
GabeKuun, Flanked, BlaztHusKerrs, Braalik, JackalJoeWo, Breadman, ForeignJaseLevi, Lymax, Zepa
Natedogg, Rxul, DestroyOttereyes, Empathy, SuperEvanSage, Adrian, SwaggStrixy, Tapvaltor, Jonnybro23
iVisionSR, KingAJ, V8 ShowstoppxrLouiCM, WarsZ, BubblectCrmz, Xink7, HMoodXiHeedz, Gromalok, Enkeo
Prxdigy, Oekiy, EchoBegsy, SV, ReloadKlavsen, IlGody, FLSMelvin, cPentagon, Fuzzn
Niasen, KingChawk, NydaahSavageStewo, Enxiun, PatzukkaSavyUltras90, isFreddy, Dsyre ZanxJaviix, Dagat1, Camz

Dates & WSOW schedule

For the NA and EMEA regions, qualifiers started on Friday, May 24, with the In-Game Open Online Qualifier.

There was then be an extended online qualification pathway with a group stage, for which 68 trios qualified, from June 4-12.

Throughout mid- to late-June players played in their regional finals and started booking their slots at the Global Final — which doesn’t yet have a date confirmed — or at the Last Chance Qualifiers, where teams will get one last shot at qualification for the big one.

Format & map for World Series of Warzone

While the ranked play modes in Warzone have been on Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep, World Series of Warzone will be taking place on Urzikstan.

The qualification format was explained as follows:

Group play is scheduled to take place over two weeks, with each group playing others once in a 5-drop matchup. The top 34 teams from group play will play each other in the Upper Bracket, where the bottom 34 teams from group play will be in Round 1 of the Lower Bracket.

In the Upper Bracket, the top 17 teams will advance to the Qualifier Finals. Teams who don’t advance to the Qualifier Finals will drop into Round 2 of the Lower Bracket, playing the top 17 teams from Round 1 of the Lower Bracket.

The 17 teams who finish last in Round 1 of the Lower Bracket will be eliminated from the competition. In Round 2 of the Lower Bracket, 17 teams will advance to the Qualifier Finals, while 10 teams who don’t advance will go to the Last Chance Qualifier (the bottom seven teams are eliminated from the competition).

The Qualifier Finals will see the top 10 teams go on to the Global Final. While the bottom 24 will go to the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ). The LCQ will be the last shot for teams from NA and EMEA to make it to the Global Final. To do so, competitors will play five maps of traditional scoring, with three teams advancing. The sixth map will bring back the Wildcard Map, in which the winner will guarantee their spot in the Global Finals.

World Series of Warzone 2024 competition format
The format for the World Series of Warzone is a lengthy one, that will truly put competitive players to the test.

The tournament will utilize the Match Point rule used in other BR esports, such as Apex Legends.

Match Point itself is fairly easy to understand. Teams have to reach a certain points threshold, and once they’ve reached that number, they will be Match Point eligible. The first Match Point-eligible team to win a map will be declared champions.

WSOW 2024 prize pool

There will be a $1 million prize pool for World Series of Warzone 2024, and this year, all of it is being placed on the LAN Global Finals, rather than some in online qualifiers.

Besides the $50,000 for the Solo YOLO tournament, here is how the remaining $950k will be spread across successful trios:

PlacementPrize Money

World Series rules & settings

As with any Call of Duty game, WSOW won’t be played with the game exactly as it is out of the box, and certain changes have to be made to make it more competitively viable. Here are some of the rules as well as the points breakdown.

WSOW Trios competitive settings

World Series of Warzone will feature a twist on the Battle Royale trios format with competitive settings that closely mirror those found in Ranked Resurgence. The following additional changes have been made:

Loot Items Removed:

  • Redeploy Pack
  • Reinforcement Flare
  • Gulag Entry Kits

Public Event Adjustments:

  • Circle 3: Fire Sale
  • No other public events will occur

WSOW Scoring

  • 1 Elimination = 1 Point
  • 1st place: 2x Points
  • 2nd – 5th: 1.8x Points
  • 6th – 10th: 1.6x Points
  • 11th – 15th: 1.4x Points
  • 16th – 25th: 1.2x Points
  • 26th – 34th: 1x Points

We’ll keep this hub updated as new developments come for the World Series of Warzone, including where the Global Finals take place, the teams and players that will be participating, and more.

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