World Series of Warzone announces scoring rules & $1.2 million prizing format

Theo Salaun
world series of warzone prizing points format rules

There has been a lot of confusion about scoring and prizing for the $1.2 million World Series of Warzone. That ends here, as we’ve got the full scoring and points rules, as well as the prizing distribution format.

It’s the biggest event series in Warzone history and Activision are pulling no punches. Not only will each World Series of Warzone tournament feature 150 invited streamers, CDL pros, and content creators, but they’ll all be in private matches with unique rules.

So, to get everyone up to speed, the organizers revealed new information about the tournament series on June 10 and we’ve pored through the ruleset and information to get it all ready.

Whether you’re a confused player or viewer, this is everything you’ll need to know about the World Series of Warzone’s structure. The only thing that’s missing is restricted items, but Activision are continuing to work on those — so they are not available just yet.

World Series of Warzone scoring & points format

World Series of Warzone
The World Series of Warzone event is the biggest in the BR’s history.

The WSOW will divide $1.2 million across four separate events — each with a similar format. The first one is scheduled for June 23.

The WSOW tournament will be a private lobby, with 150 invited, qualifying, and drafted players. Each tourney will feature six matches, with final standings determined by total points. Points are determined by kills, with multipliers for placement.

World Series of Warzone points system:

  • 1 point per kill
  • 1st place: 2x multiplier
  • 2nd-15th place: 1.5x multiplier
  • 15th-50th place: No multiplier

As for tie-breakers, those are determined by: 1) Total kills without multipliers, 2) average placement, 3) most kills in one match, 4) highest placement in one match.

World Series of Warzone prizing structure

warzone season 4 new gulag map poi weapon more
One of the biggest battle royales in the world get its biggest prize pool yet in the WSOW.

The prizing for each event is interesting, with $300,000 split up with $200,000 for final points, $30,000 for each match’s placement, and $70,000 for a Captain’s Cup event (which we won’t be diving into here).

World Series of Warzone points prizing

Final Placement (by points) Payout
1st $50,000
2nd $30,000
3rd $20,000
4th $15,000
5th $10,000
6th $9,000
7th $7,000
8th $6,000
9th $5,500
10th $5,000
11th – 20th $3,000
21st – 25th $2,500

World Series of Warzone placement prizing

Match placement Payout
1st $3,000
2nd $3,000
3rd $3,000
4th $3,000
5th $3,000
6th $3,000
7th $3,000
8th $3,000
9th $3,000
10th $3,000

As you can see, the WSOW is generous to its 50-team lobby — giving prize money to any team that finishes in the top 25 at the day’s end. Additionally, the event gives out $3,000 to every team that places top-10 in any of the day’s six matches.

Now, with points and prizing set, all that’s left is to determine restricted items and the full player list for the massive event. Past that, the organizers have indicated that Solos and Duos events may come in the future, each with their own unique structures.