What are AQ Soldier Kills in Warzone 2?

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Wondering what AQ Soldier kills are in Warzone 2? Then our handy hub has everything you need to know about this new feature. 

Warzone 2 features plenty of new changes, with a new looting system, 2v2 Gulag, and enhanced loadouts. There are certainly a lot of mechanics and gameplay changes that separate Warzone 2 from the original BR title. 

However, one of the biggest additions is the inclusion of AI enemies on the battlefield. These computer-controlled soldiers appear at Strongholds and Black Sites, which enable players to claim plenty of loot and money for their squad. 

While regular kills are easy to understand, one feature that is currently confusing Warzone 2 players is the AQ Soldier Kills section on the scoreboard. So, if you’re confused by the game’s new feature, then our AQ Soldier Kills page has everything you need to know. 

What are AQ Soldier Kills in Warzone 2? 

To put it simply, AQ Soldiers are the bots that appear in matches of DMZ and at Strongholds and Black Sites in Warzone 2’s regular BR mode. AQ stands for Al-Qatala, the terrorist organization in both Modern Warfare 2019 and Modern Warfare 2’s campaigns. 

Whenever you kill one of these AI-controlled enemies, you’ll be rewarded with AQ Soldier Kills, which can be seen on the Warzone 2 scoreboard. Of course, you’ll likely have very few AQ Soldier Kills if you don’t visit Strongholds or Black Sites, but those playing DMZ will have a larger number of bots to chew through. 

Warzone DMZ screenshot
AQ Soldier kills are displayed on the Warzone 2 Scoreboard.

These AI-controlled enemies may not be as deadly as regular players, but they can still deal a lot of damage if you’re not careful. It’s important to remember that Strongholds and Black Sites can reward you with your loadout and a free Weapon Blueprint. 

As result, you’ll want to head over to Strongholds and Black Sites to eliminate AQ Soldiers if you wish to increase your kill potential on Al Mazrah.

So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about AQ Soldier Kills in Warzone 2. Be sure to check out our Call of Duty page for all the latest news and updates.

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