Warzone 2 players furious over “garbage” PUBG-style looting system

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The new Warzone 2 looting system is already causing a lot of problems within the Call of Duty community, with many of the playerbase calling for changes. 

Being able to loot quickly and efficiently in Warzone 2 can give you a huge advantage in any battle royale game, especially when hot dropping into highly contested areas. However, one of the biggest changes in the game is the way players pick up loot in Warzone 2. 

Unlike the original game, Warzone 2 players now have to go through a PUBG-style inventory system to select the weapons, ammo, armor plates, and other items they wish to claim. This controversial change has significantly slowed the looting process down, creating a more methodical playstyle. 

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This has ultimately led to many members of the CoD community voicing their general distaste for the new mechanic, with both casual and competitive players urging the developers to go back to the original Warzone looting system. 

Warzone 2 players blast new looting mechanic

In Warzone 2, when a player interacts with any non-Supply Box loot containers, such as a duffel bag, or medical case, they will display a loot menu. This feature has a lot of similarities to PUBG, which requires players to carefully select which items and attachments they wish to take off their fallen enemies. 

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This new looting method also functions when a player dies. In fact, the only thing that is quick to pick up is the Primary Weapon, which can be found on the ground next to their Backpack. It’s in this Backpack where the rest of the player’s loot can be found. 

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Looting in Warzone 2 can be extremely frustrating for players.

“Who the f*ck even designed this clown fiesta?” said one angry commenter. “First off the backpack system is a mess. Second, there’s no way to loot items on the ground if they’re close to each other, you have to aim your camera for the perfect angle to loot the item you want, sometimes there’s zero chance to get the item because it’s like glitched somehow.” 

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As a result, looting comes with a much greater risk than previously seen in the original Warzone. While this may be a design decision taken by the devs, it’s clear that the playerbase is not a fan of this change. 

“Half the time I don’t know what I’m picking up and what’s in my inventory, it’s overwhelming and counterintuitive,” replied another player. “Yeah it’s really a panic, pick up everything and sort it out later in cover,” another commenter responded

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Whether the developers will make any adjustments to Warzone 2’s looting mechanics remains to be seen, but for now, you’ll need to take extra care when looting around Al Mazrah

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