All Warzone 2 DMZ Missions: Objectives, rewards, & more

DMZ gameplayActivision

With Call of Duty’s ambitious new DMZ mode now in focus following the launch of Warzone 2, Missions are your top priority. With three Factions offering exclusive rewards just for completing their tasks, here’s how it’s done.

While the aim of the game in Warzone 2’s new DMZ mode is to loot up and extract with your earnings, there’s plenty more to it than just that basic concept. For starters, Missions are essential if you’re looking to acquire the highest-tier loot possible, be it new Blueprints or Contraband equipment.

These Missions vary a great deal not only in their rewards, but in their objectives too. Some may have you simply heading to a point on the map while others might require a dedicated effort from you and your team.

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So whether you’re just dropping in for the first time or an experienced DMZ grinder looking ahead at what’s next, here’s a full breakdown of the latest Faction Missions in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode.

DMZ gameplayActivision
The DMZ mode can be unforgiving if you don’t have a clear goal ahead of you.

Legion Missions in DMZ

First up in the DMZ is Legion, a private military looking to hire new recruits for its bidding. That’s where you come in, assisting the organization in taking control of certain regions in Al Mazrah. Below is a full look at all Legion Missions up for grabs in the DMZ.

1Make ContactUse your Tac-Map and ping a contract phone, and find a contract phone and download the intel.Double XP Token & 5000 XP
1Locate and ScavengeFind and loot 5 loot caches, and loot 5 items into your backpack.Emblem: Pseudo Private & 5000 XP
1Al-Qatala InformantActivate 1 UAV Tower.M4 AR Blueprint (Contraband) & 5000 XP
1Storm the StrongholdAcquire a Stronghold Keycard, clear a Stronghold of enemy combatants, and extract the White Lotus intel found on Stronghold guards.Pendulum AR Blueprint & 5000 XP

White Lotus Missions

Second in the chain of command is the White Lotus, a faction with plenty of experience in Al Mazrah. With your help, they’re looking to regain control of the locale by any means necessary.

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White Lotus Missions can only be unlocked upon the completion of all Legion Missions in the DMZ. We’ll be sure to update you right here once we’ve progressed further in the new Warzone 2 mode.

Black Mous Missions

Last but not least comes the Black Mous, the final group offering Missions in the DMZ. Maintaining anonymity, very little is known about those in charge of this particular faction, only that they aim to take Al Mazrah for themselves.

This third tier of Missions can only be unlocked by first completing all Legion and White Lotus Missions. Be sure to check back soon as we’ll have a full rundown on these Missions once we get to them.

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