How to check your KD and stats in Warzone 2

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If you’re wanting to keep up to date with your latest Warzone 2 KD and stats, we’ve got you covered. Here’s exactly how to check your KD and stats in the game.

Knowing your stats and KD in Warzone 2 can help players work towards their goals, and enables them to keep track of their progress as a player. So while your KD and stats won’t influence your overall enjoyment of the game, it can be useful to see where you stack up compared to your friends and other players.

Having a high amount of kills in matches looks impressive, but your KD in Warzone 2 will only improve if you’re willing to learn from your mistakes. In order to make the correct adjustments in matches, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your Warzone 2 stats and your current KD in the game.

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How to check your Warzone 2 KD?

An image of the Endless Black menu page in Warzone 2, which is used to navigate to your KD information.Tommey
Tommey has found the perfect method to check your KD in Warzone 2.

While Warzone 2 doesn’t currently offer a traditional stats screen showcasing your KD, there is a way to check it. So, if you wish to find out your Warzone 2 KD, then CoD content creator Tommey has found a simple way to uncover this hidden stat.

  • Boot up Warzone 2.
  • Head over to Gun Screens page.
  • Hover over the Endless Black weapon attachment tracker.
  • Wait for the icon to turn blue.
  • Note down your kills and deaths.
  • Head over to the stats page.
  • Click on multiplayer stats.

Once you’ve done the above, simply subtract the gun screen number from the multiplayer stats. If done correctly, you should have a decent estimate of your overall KD in Warzone 2. While this method may take a few steps, it’s currently the only way to check your KD in the game.

How to check your stats in Warzone 2?

Players can view all of their stats in Warzone 2 by accessing the game’s Combat Record. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to view your stats:

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  • Boot up Warzone 2
  • From the game’s main menu, access the sub-menu by pressing the Options button on PlayStation, the Menu button on Xbox, or the ESC key on PC.
  • From this menu, click on the Stats tab.
  • Click on the Battle Royale section to see an overview of your Combat Record and your Warzone stats.

That’s everything you need to know about checking your stats and KD in Warzone 2. For more Call of Duty content, check out our guides below:

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