All Modern Warfare 2 safe codes: El Sin Nombre & Alone safe locations

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The Modern Warfare 2 campaign gives players three different safes to crack in the El Sin Nombre and Alone missions. We’ve got the location and codes of every Modern Warfare 2 campaign safe for the Gentleman Thief achievement.

While most Modern Warfare 2 owners will have already completed the single-player campaign, plenty of players have yet to experience the action-packed story. If you are playing through for the first time or revisiting the mode, you may be wondering how to access a couple of locked safes throughout the single-player mode.

On top of reaching the end of each mission, there are also plenty of optional achievements to complete across the roughly eight-hour campaign. One of these is the Gentleman Thief trophy, asking players to find the codes and break into three safes.

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The three safes can be found in the El Sin Nombre and Alone missions, and contain useful comments to make future sections easier. Here’s every Modern Warfare 2 safe code and where to find them.

Modern Warfare 2 safe locations

El Sin Nombre safe

The first Modern Warfare 2 safe can be found on the first floor in a bedroom with a balcony and a poster of Lazar Salgado on the wall. To the right of the bathroom door, you will see a cupboard containing the safe in between two sets of drawers.

Alone safe 1

There are two safes in Alone, the first of which can be opened in the coffee shop. You’ll need to pry open the door to the manager’s office and you’ll spot the safe on the ground next to the desk.

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Alone safe 2

The second safe in Alone is located in the El Maistro garage, which you’ll see on the right-hand side of the road before you head through the tunnel toward the church. You’ll have to crawl under the door and into the office where you’ll notice the safe.

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Each Modern Warfare 2 safe is full of useful weapon attachments and items.

Modern Warfare 2 safe codes

El Sin Nombre safe: 02-02-19

This code is taken from the date on the bottom of the Lazar Salgado poster inside the bedroom.

Alone safe 1: 10-10-80

If you shine your torch on the calendar hanging above the office desk, this is the date of birth of the person who has marked down their 40th birthday.

Alone safe 2: 37-60-80

You can find this solution on the laptop seen in the room next to a propped-up car.

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Once you open all three Modern Warfare 2 safes you will automatically unlock the Gentleman Thief achievement, and be able to claim the useful attachments inside that will make some of the stealthier missions later on much easier.

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