5 things that need to change in Warzone Season 2

Warzone Season 2 changesActivision / Treyarch

Warzone Season 1 may have gotten off to a rocky start, but these five changes could help bring Warzone back to its former glory in Season 2. 

There’s certainly been a lot of frustrations in both the causal and competitive Warzone community. From the never-ending waves of hackers to the return of game-breaking glitches, there has been no denying just how bad Warzone Season 1 has been. However, Activision has finally taken action against some of the issues plaguing the game, and while it’s still early days, it’s hoped that the developers will do more to handle the ongoing problems going into Season 2. 

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Just like all good battle royale games, Warzone needs a constant stream of fresh content and updates to keep players invested. For many, Season 2 will be the chance to see whether Activision makes good on their word, particularly when it comes to fixing the game’s current issues. Here are five things we’d love to see added to Warzone when Season 2 hits live servers.

5. New Warzone map

Rebirth IslandActivision
Rebirth Island wasn’t the map update many had hoped for.

Unlike other battle royale games, Warzone’s Verdansk map has remained largely unchanged since its release. In fact, the changes have been so minimal that it’s hard to tell the difference between the original Verdansk and the current one. The mountainous region of Verdansk has given us many an adrenaline-fueled game, it’s time for Activision to really shake up the current map rotation. 

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While Rebirth Island shook things up with its close-quarter firefights, it was incredibly similar to that of the Mini BR mode. The smaller player count also meant the map lacked a lot of the nail-bitingly tense action that is seen across Verdansk. As a result, a lot of Warzone fans were left pretty disappointed. 

After all, Call of Duty is a game with a lot of history behind it. The series has visited numerous conflicts and produced 18 mainline games, so there is certainly no lack of content when it comes to creating the next big map. What Warzone’s next new map would bring to the table remains to be seen, but with the release of CoD 2021 just around the corner, it could be game-changing.

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4. Ranked Warzone mode

Black Ops Cold War ranked Treyarch
Black Ops Cold War has a ranked mode, so why can’t Warzone?

Ranked play has been a huge talking point in Warzone and wider Call of Duty games for a while now. While most competitive FPS games offer both ranked and casual modes, Warzone does not have this luxury. Instead, players are forced to play games based on their individual skill. Without any semblance of a casual mode, players simply have to enter CDL style lobbies whenever they wish to play.

Of course, being matched against similarly skilled opponents makes for decent competition, but there are times where you just want to blow off some steam in a more casual setting. Whether you wish to rank up non-meta guns, try out new loadouts, improve your aim, or just want to warm up, casual modes offer a more relaxed environment. 

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Ranked play would also give Warzone players something to grind towards and enable those that wish to flex their skills the opportunity to do so. Currently, the only way you can see your individual SBMM rank is by using community built websites like SBMM Warzone. It would be great to see Activision take a more active role in making this happen.

3. Dedicated glitch report system

Warzone Stim glitchActivision / @iZiiGAN_
The infamous Stim glitch is one of the many glitches that ruin Warzone games.

It seems that every new Warzone update brings with it a host of new glitches. There have even been times where previously patched bugs have reared their ugly heads once again. From game-breaking the Stim glitch to a strange bug that enables players to instantly win games, Warzone is no stranger to the wacky world of game-breaking glitches. 

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A lot of these pesky issues could be fixed a lot quicker if there was some form of dedicated bug report system in place. While glitches are almost expected at this point, that shouldn’t stop Warzone players from being able to voice their problems in an effective manner. After all, more communication between the developers and the playersbase will help improve the general health of the game.

2. Adjustable console FOV settings

FOV Black Ops Cold WarActivision / Treyarch
Black Ops Cold War enables FOV adjustment on consoles.

Having a larger FOV (Field of View) gives you a huge advantage in any FPS game, particularly in the highly-competitive battlefields of Warzone. This game-changing display option enables you to see more of the surroundings around you, allowing you to see potential threats that would otherwise go unnoticed. Unfortunately, this luxury is only available to those on PC.

This is particularly strange given how every console can adjust the FOV in Black Ops Cold War. While it can be argued that older generation consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One may struggle to cope with the increased FOV in Warzone, the added power from PS5 and Xbox Series X/S should be more than enough to handle this setting.

1. Improved anti-cheat system

Warzone hackersActivision
Hackers still remain the biggest problem in Warzone.

Warzone continues to make headlines for its huge hacking problem. In fact, it’s rare to enter a lobby that isn’t filled with multiple hackers. Not only do hackers ruin standard Warzone matches, they have also infiltrated competitive tournaments. Things have gotten so bad in Season 1 that Call of Duty players like NICKMERCS have quit competitive Warzone tournaments for good, while Vikkstar has quit Warzone until the issue is fixed

As of writing, Warzone’s current report system does little to dissuade hackers from repeat offenses as they can simply make new accounts. Some cheaters have even gotten so brazen that they even stream and disclose exactly how they get away with it. The Warzone community has been up in arms over the hacking situation since the game’s release, but it is only really now that Activision has begun to speak up. 

Activision recently responded to the cheating issue ruining Warzone by banning 60,000 accounts and promising to do more in terms of anti-cheat. Many Warzone players are hoping that Activision will impose harsher penalties and implement a more robust anti-cheat system in the future. 

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