Bizarre Warzone glitch gives teams wins before they even land

Warzone dropping inActivision

Ever since its release, Call of Duty Warzone has had its fair share of game-breaking bugs, but a newly-discovered glitch may claim the prize for being the strangest of all.

Like most games in the battle royale genre, Warzone begins with players and their teams skydiving onto the map from way up above. This drop, while standard across the board, can be important when it comes to securing a good position in the first few moments of a game.

Just like with poker tournaments, getting ahead quickly can pay dividends. However, with this new Warzone glitch, teams can actually win in just seconds, before even landing.

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As showcased by Redditor gencaykurtt, the PC player was in the midst of dropping in, when, for some reason, before he could even fire a single shot let alone actually land onto the battlefield, the game awarded his team the victory.

The end result is a victory screen in just eight seconds. As you can see by the stats screen that pops up, no one on the squad accomplished anything – no kills, damage, contracts, just zeroes across the scoreboard.

Somehow, however, despite all this, they emerged victorious, leading to some amusing replies on the thread.

“You must have the best gaming chair in the world,” one user joked after watching the video, referring to the popular gaming meme.

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Fast Warzone victoryReddit
Is this the fastest Warzone win ever?

“Whole lobby must have thought you guys were cheating. I’m surprised you didn’t get banned with people using the report cheaters option,” another user sarcastically replied in reference to the abundance of cheaters in the game.

Some others had an interesting thought: what if everyone in the lobby was actually awarded a win and not just that team. The video was muted, so we don’t know what the reaction to the match ending was. For all we know, everyone in the game won and there were no losers.

As far as glitches go, this one may not seem overly “bad” as it at least happened at the very beginning of the match, but if it ends up happening much later on with teams winning out of nowhere, Activision could have yet another problem on their hands.

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