Warzone streamers Symfuhny & BobbyPoff suggest ban wave made huge impact

symfuhny and bobbypoff warzone streamersActivision/BobbyPoff/Symfuhny

Top Warzone streamers Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier and BobbyPoff have suggested that the recent ban wave has made a huge impact, saying they’ve run into no hackers since Activision’s update.

On February 2, Activision confirmed that they have an anti-cheat system in place in Call of Duty and, more importantly, they had banned a further 60,000 players as a result.

Much of the reaction to the news was actually quite negative. Most players are concerned about how easy it is for hackers to just make new accounts to play on, rendering this wave somewhat useless if so.

Streamers such as TimTheTatman didn’t think much of the ban wave — as shown in the clip below — but it may have actually done more good than people expected.

According to Symfuhny and Bobby, they’ve not actually encountered any cheaters at all since Activision’s update, having died to them multiple times a day prior to that.

Symfuhny said: “I’ve played eight hours yesterday, an hour and a half today, and I haven’t died to a cheater once I don’t think.”

Bobby said pretty much the same thing as Symfuhny, too. “Two days ago I ran into nine hackers. Yesterday I ran into three hackers. Today, I’ve run into zero hackers. With the last update, it basically reset all the coding for all the cheating companies, so they’re scrambling to try and get all their software up and running.”

Poff added that he’s “really surprised” the hackers aren’t back yet, as they normally return fairly quickly, so he’s hoping Activision will be quicker off the mark next time there’s an update and the hackers get going again.

It’s possible that the devs are taking more strenuous measures to shield against hackers now, especially with stars such as Vikkstar going viral by announcing their plans to quit playing the game.

The biggest test will be after the next Warzone patch, which is when cheats are usually refreshed and working again — hopefully, the number of hackers will still be severely depleted.