Warzone Feb 5 patch notes: Stim glitch fix, Cold War gun changes, new playlists, more

Brad Norton
Warzone gameplay

Raven Software have released a brand new Warzone update for February 5, patch 1.31, fixing the controversial Stim glitch, improving Black Ops Cold War weapon reloads, and more.

The most important aspect of the new Warzone patch is a fix for the Stim glitch issue. The controversial bug allowed players to abuse Stims and remain alive in the gas. This new fix should outright remove the exploit, according to the patch notes. It’s worth keeping in mind, however, this particular problem has been ‘fixed’ multiple times already, to no avail. 

Another key adjustment in today’s update is for all Black Ops Cold War weapons. Players quickly noticed a major reload issue with Treyarch’s new guns. Sprinting towards the end of the animation would often cancel the reload altogether, leaving you empty-handed.

Here’s everything you need to know about the update, including the release times, new playlists, and full patch notes.

Warzone stim
The Stim glitch has long been one of the most controversial bugs in Warzone.

When is the next Warzone update? Global release times

Exact download sizes are yet to be revealed for Warzone’s latest update, though Raven Software has confirmed just when we can expect to see the new patch across all platforms.

Check below for when the update will be live in your local time:

  • 11 PM PT (Feb 4)
  • 1 AM CT
  • 2 AM ET
  • 7 AM GMT (UK)
  • 8 AM CEST (EU)
  • 6 PM AEDT (AUS)

The full patch notes for the latest Warzone update can be found below.

Warzone Feb 5 update patch notes 1.31


  • New fix to remove infinite stim glitch.
    • Dev note: Issue stemmed from player getting stuck in throwback state after throwing back a live grenade.
  • Adjusted match bonus and kill XP reward of Kingslayer mode to be more in line with Verdansk BR.
    • Dev note: This is part of our continued effort to normalize XP rewards across our various game modes.


  • Adjusted the timing of ammo replenishment during empty reloads for BOCW weapons.


  • Certain operator missions for Stitch should now track as intended.


  • Fixed visual for the “Heavy Handed” Sledgehammer in the Player Armory.


  • Fixed issue where at high prestige levels, progress towards next level shown in Barracks Seasonal Progression did not match what was shown on the top banner of the main menu.


  • Removed Tier Skips from Modern Warfare Bundles.
  • Previewing Bruiser Cord watch in the Hot Shot Bundle will now display correct watch.
  • Fixed various minor issues including images, icons, and names .


  • Fixed a crash that occurs when launching the game due to changes being made to Windows GDI32.
Warzone gameplay
Black Ops Cold War weapons should reload more effectively than ever in Warzone.

New Warzone playlists in Feb 5 update

In addition to the changes detailed above, Raven have also shuffled around the available playlists in Warzone, including the return of the Armored Royale mode.

Here are all of the available playlists following the update:


  • Verdansk BR – Armored Royale
  • Plunder – Quads
  • Rebirth Island – Resurgence Trios


  • Plunder – Blood Money Trios

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