Warzone’s cheating update gets mixed reactions from CoD players & streamers

Tanner Pierce

Activision finally responded to the cheating issue plaguing Warzone right now by banning 60,000 accounts and promising to do more in terms of anti-cheat but the response has been mixed, with some players thinking it’s clearly not enough for the battle royale game in its current state.

On February 3, 2021, Activision finally addressed the elephant in the room: the company announced it would be be taking a serious look into the cheating problem affecting Call of Duty: Warzone. Despite numerous ban waves, little has been done to seriously nip the issue the bud, much to the frustration of the community.

As a part of their announcement, the publishing giant confirmed that it had banned 60,000 cheating accounts in a new ban wave and that it would be taking steps to improve its anti-cheat software, as well as its communication with the players.

Obviously, some streamers and content creators have taken this as unequivocal good news, as the community rarely got an update on anti-cheat before. That being said, others clearly aren’t satisfied with this response, thinking it’s not enough considering the state the game is in right now.

Reactions to the Warzone ban wave and cheating update

One of the most notable responses has been from TimtheTatman, who clearly wasn’t impressed by the new wave of bans. In a recent stream, he didn’t mince words, saying that he “didn’t care” about the bans until the game gets a proper anti-cheat system.

“60,000 accounts got banned today? Yeah, and it’s gonna be 60,000 new accounts, who gives a f*ck,” Tim said. “The fact that they are celebrating banning 60,000 accounts is almost laughable, cause all they’re gonna do is just make another account.

Other content creators were a bit more receptive to the move. Drift0r put out a short video on his Twitter account after the update went live, commenting on the changes that Raven and Activision have promised to implement in the future, and he seemed a bit more positive about it.

“Everything is looking really good, I mean, this might take a little while to implement, but we went from disaster to on the right path to fix…and I’m hoping that over the next couple of weeks Warzone returns and becomes an awesome cheat-free game once again,” Drift0r said.

Another seemingly positive reaction came from Vikkstar, who famously quit Warzone recently back at the end of January after witnessing cheaters streaming on Facebook.

After the news was posted to Call of Duty’s official Twitter account, the streamer tweeted that it was a “step in the right direction” and that he hoped it all paid off.

Other members of the community seem to be mixed about the whole situation as well, with a seemingly even split between people who are reacting positively, and people who think that this is not enough or even a non-response.

All in all, it remains to be seen just how effective this is going to be. As people point out, the fact that these weren’t hardware bans means all of those 60,000 players can just make a new account and come right back on, generally without a problem.

Here’s hoping they follow through with all their promises, however, and address the issue head-on.

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