Aydan makes huge Warzone vow after ditching CoD battle royale for Apex Legends

Aydan next to Apex Legends and Warzone characters.Twitch: Aydan / Raven Software / Respawn Entertainment

Star Warzone streamer Aydan Conrad has vowed to leave the popular Call of Duty battle royale behind until “something changes,” ditching the game he’s earned more than $300k in to join the growing Apex Legends exodus.

Aydan, like many Warzone stars recently, has been struggling with the Call of Duty battle royale and its controversial Pacific changes, not least of all the Caldera map.

For the 22-year-old Twitch streamer, Warzone is reaching a point of no return. During Caldera’s long-hyped ⁠— and rather lackluster ⁠— launch, Aydan declared he may “quit Warzone entirely” over the tropical changes, and now he’s delivered on that threat, swapping over to archrival franchise Apex Legends.

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When leaving, he dropped a huge Warzone vow too.

“Today is the first day I’m not playing Warzone,” he declared. “Gonna be tough and hurts the feels, but that game sucks. [It] needs changing before I hop on again.”

The Twitch star has been toying with the idea of ditching Warzone for Apex Legends for weeks now, motivated partially by the CoD battle royale’s sorry state, and the success fellow star NICKMERCS has found with a similar move.

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Aydan said he was “losing his passion for Warzone and Call of Duty,” and after trying Apex Legends declared it was “refreshing as f**k” compared to its rivals.

Despite that, he’s not entirely sold just yet either.

“I’m not in love with Apex yet, I can say that,” the Warzone star explained while playing the Respawn battle royale in his December 29 stream. “[The problem is] I can’t play it for eight hours straight yet. I can only play like three or four hours at a time, [but] I just love the ranked mode so much.

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“If there was no ranked mode, I wouldn’t play this game,” he added, “but the Apex Legends ranked mode is just so good. Having something to work towards is key.”

Apex Legends isn’t the first rival battle royale to catch Aydan’s eye as he looks for a “refreshing” game to play instead of Warzone heading into 2022 either.

The 22-year-old dropped back in old flame Fortnite before Christmas, declaring he was embarrassed to be a Call of Duty player right now. He has suggested several times he will be playing pro leagues in the Epic Games title soon too, with the next Cash Cup running on January 10.

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And Aydan made it clear that, even if Apex or Fortnite win his heart, he won’t rule out a Warzone return either: “I don’t think I’m gonna, not yet, but we’ll see.”

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