Tommey & Almond win $100K Baka WonderLAN Warzone tournament: Final results

call of duty warzone pacific baka bros wonderlan tournamentActivision / Baka Bros

Call of Duty: Warzone’s rowdiest trio, the Baka Bros, hosted the first-ever LAN tournament for the title. And, in the end, one of the game’s most notorious duos won out. Here’s the recap, final placements, and more.

  • Tommey and Almond take first place at Baka WonderLAN
  • The Baka Bros event was the first major Warzone event on LAN
  • $100,000 split across top three duos

We had to wait until the launch of a new map, but with Warzone Pacific came the first major Warzone LAN in history. Hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, Complexity’s Lucky Chamu, DiazBiffle, and Repullze brought the best of the game’s battle royale together for a chance at big bucks.

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The highly anticipated event featured 15 of the game’s biggest names and top-ranked players, including the likes of Aydan, Fifakill, and Tommey. Two of the Bakas hosted, one played, and the entire event ended in fireworks.

Baka Warzone WonderLAN: Final Placements

Placement Team Prize
1st Tommey & Almond $50,000
2nd DiazBiffle & SuperEvan $30,000
3rd Destroy & ZLaner $20,000
4th IceManIsaac & WarsZ $0
5th Aydan & Fifakill
6th HusKerrs & Newbz
7th Crowder & Niico
8th UnRationaL & 2Pac
9th Swishem & Intechs
10th Swagg & Booya
11th BobbyPoff & Dillster
12th JaredFPS & JDevise
13th JoeWo & Bbreadman
14th TheBoiSantana & JSmooth
15th Max Holloway & Honokai

$100K Baka Warzone WonderLAN: Recap & Results

The very first Warzone LAN did not disappoint. While Tommey and Almond eventually finished with the win, it was a tough fight right until the very end.

After a back-and-forth start to the tournament, the biggest clutch happened midway through – when HusKerrs clutched up a 1v1 against Aydan to secure the win in Game 4.

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But that performance was soon overtook, as the incredibly competitive Customs event saw other duos take centerstage. By the final map, Game 8, HusKerrs and Newbz had been supplanted as the field narrowed down to five duos who were all within eight points of each other.

In that final match, fourth-place Biffle and SuperEvan found themselves facing first-place Tommey and Almond. And, with Evan knocked, Biff secured a filthy 1v2 clutch.

Ultimately, that Game 8 win wasn’t enough to overcome Tom and Almond’s point lead. After a day full of new Bren loadouts, MP-40s, and premium gunfights – one of Warzone’s most prestigious duos won out. And, with the W, the two are now three for three in Caldera Customs first-place finishes.

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Baka Warzone WonderLAN: Format

The tournament’s format was eight rounds of Mini Royale set in a Duos private lobby. There were 15 invited teams and, in the end, each team’s lowest scoring match was discarded.

The event took place on December 17, kicking off at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET, 8 p.m. BST, 6 a.m. AEST). 

Baka Warzone WonderLAN: Teams

If you wanted to know who the best duos to keep an eye on were, we laid out the five top duos to watch at the Baka WonderLAN.

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But the entire field was stacked, so here are all of the duos who made their case for the best in Warzone Pacific:

Tommey & Almond HusKerrs & Newbz Crowder & Nico
Biffle & SuperEvan Destroy & ZLaner IceManIsaac & Warsz
Swagg & Booya UnRational & 2pac_Thuglord JaredFPS & JDevise
Santana & JSmooth JoeWo & Breadman Swishem & Intechs
Aydan & Fifakill BobbyPoff & Dillster Max Holloway & Honokai