Top 20 highest earning Call of Duty pros of all time

Clayster, FormaL, Scump. and Crimsix

Professional Call of Duty players have won over $50 million in collective prize money over the years, but who has won the most individually? With the fourth Call of Duty League season well underway, here are the 20 players who have earned the most throughout their careers. 

Over the last decade, Call of Duty has seen a steady rise in prize money awarded, with players earning hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to their feats in the popular first-person shooter. It’s no surprise that winning teams take center stage, with players from the dominant dynasty rosters taking home the biggest prizes.

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With Major III 2023 now in the rearview mirror, as Toronto Ultra beat OpTic Texas in a thrilling six-game grand final, here’s how the updated earning standings look.

*Note: Some players have also earned money in Halo. However, these winnings have been deducted from the table below to only show winnings in Call of Duty. The list includes prize money only and not salary earnings. Figures may not be completely accurate but are as close as possible.

Top 20 highest-earning Call of Duty players

List updated Monday, March 13, 2023

Position Name Nationality Earnings
1st aBeZy US $1,432,405.68
2nd Crimsix US $1,413,842.80
3rd Simp US $1,413,078.33
4th Arcitys US $1,394,679.09
5th Clayster US $1,212,396.68
6th Cellium US $1,197,048.93
7th Scump US $1,186,505.35
8th SlasheR US $877,833.40
9th FormaL US $861,332.18
10th Kenny US $848,228.33
11th Karma CAN $833,962.25
12th Octane US $819,948.75
13th Envoy USA $783,779.16
14th JKap US $714,188.81
15th Shotzzy US $698,650.00
16th Bance UK $684,429.94
17th Priestahh US $675,529.18
18th iLLeY CAN $669,053.33
19th Prestinni US $617,973.43
20th Apathy US $604,618.93

The Modern Warfare 2 season is well underway now. With prize money continuing to rise, this list will continue to evolve in 2023, especially as the young guns of Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Texas continue to dominate, while the veteran legends fall down the standings.

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This article was last updated on March 13, 2023.