Warzone pro caught watching bikini Twitch stream live on tournament broadcast

Jeremy Gan
Warzone pro caught watching bikini Twitch stream live on tournament broadcast

Warzone pro Jukeyz was caught watching a bikini Twitch stream live on a tournament broadcast in a hilarious moment. 

As OpTic Gaming’s $200K Warzone tournament kicks off, bringing us one of Warzone’s first major events in the MW3 era, some of the game’s biggest names are all vying for a share of the prize pool.

And as many of the world’s top competitors geared up for their games, with their individual streams being shown on the main broadcast, many were simply practicing their aim and warming up.

However, one player in particular, Jukeyz, was caught watching a questionable stream instead. 

Liam “Jukeyz” James, a CoD pro player and streamer, also one of the highest earners in Warzone history, was caught watching a bikini Twitch stream, live, on broadcast. 

Noticed by OpTic Hitch who was on the desk as host, he was visibly holding in his laughter and pointed out Jukeyz’s stream which was playing on the massive screen behind the desk. His POV was shared for all to see.

“What’s happening here?” Hitch asked as he pointed to Jukeyz’s perspective, much to the shock of the rest of the desk.

The bikini stream he was watching was Twitch streamer novaruu, who happened to be dressed as a scantily reindeer. “Look Mom I’m on TV!” novaruu reacted to the clip. “Bro actually got caught in 4k this is insane.”

Jukeyz responded to the clip going viral, saying, “I have no words for this I was just trying to hit a regain sorry.”

And much of the community’s reaction was poking fun, albeit at Jukeyz’s expense. “Ain’t nothing wrong with a little pregame bloodrush,” one commenter replied to Jukeyz’s tweet. 

Of course, this hilarious clip comes as Twitch updates its sexual content guidelines, with the platform relaxing policies around such content, as long as it’s clearly labeled.