Warzone cheaters apparently “back with a vengeance” in Caldera after update

Warzone Pacific Character FiringActivision

Despite Activision’s anti-cheat system RICOCHET being live in-game, many players are reporting that cheating in Warzone Pacific Season One is only getting worse. 

While Warzone has been an undeniable success since its 2020 launch, the game has been marred by significant issues with cheaters.

For those reasons, Activision’s announcement of a dedicated anti-cheat system, called RICOCHET, was more than welcomed by the community. It was implemented in December and has been complemented by concerted legal efforts on Activision’s behalf to close down cheat providers.

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However, despite the now-public attempts to quell hackers, many reports in early 2022 suggest that the problems are only getting worse.

warzone ricochet anti cheatSledgehammer Games
RICOCHET anti-cheat is live in Warzone, but it’s not been a silver bullet for hacking.

One Redditor reported encountering cheaters in almost every match, commenting: “I’ve run into 4 cheaters since last night and now. Very blatant and it is making me concerned with the integrity of the anti-cheat. What has changed?”

Another echoed the sentiments, suggesting it is “getting worse.” They said: “I swear, hackers just came back with a vengeance. I’ve been running resurgence for a couple hours and I haven’t found a lobby yet that I’m not getting traced through walls and snapped on like I’m playing GTA. What gives? Did I miss the memo where we all started using hacks on the same day or something?”

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Plenty of other players echoed the comments, with one saying: “I hadn’t seen a single cheater since Caldera dropped, like a full month of cheater free games, and now all of a sudden it’s back to business as usual, blatant cheaters in almost every game, what happened?”

Some did caveat the accusations by suggesting that players are so wary of opponents cheating that they accuse anyone with good aim of being a hacker, but the frequency of complaints does suggest that cheaters are becoming more prevalent.

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Others suggested that cheaters and hackers may have upped their game in getting less detectable cheats, though, its hard to know for sure on that front.

Here’s hoping RICOCHET proves robust and effective in the long run.