Warzone devs announce plans to nerf Pacific cash flow

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Call of Duty: Warzone’s developers at Raven Software have revealed some new plans for the Pacific. Apparently, there’s too much money going around and they want to nerf the map’s cash flow.

When Warzone went to the Pacific, a number of changes were made to the game’s economy. On Caldera, UAVs cost $2,000 more than they did on Verdansk and loadouts can’t be purchased until much later in the game.

Outside of those changes, the map simply seems to have a lot more cash laying around. Without the ability to buy loadouts, this has meant a lot of fattened wallets across the Pacific.

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Raven Software are now targeting this “overabundance of cash” in their balancing plans. As the studio explained, they intend to tweak this in the near future.

Warzone devs want to nerf cash

In a January 11 tweet, Raven said that they are “working towards a more balanced approached” when it comes to money. They promised further updates as they move in that direction, but wanted to open things up for feedback.

To practically no one’s surprise, the majority of feedback is… not so positive. Players don’t seem particularly bothered by the amount of cash in Caldera, instead they want to see tweaks to the game’s economy and performance issues.

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Warzone streamers ask for loadout and killstreak price changes

Referencing the loadout change, TeeP said “it might help” the cash situation if players had something to spend $10,000 on in the early game. FaZe Kalei went further, noting that they could increase a number of Buy Station prices to lessen the impact of cash flow.

Conversely, others – including Olympian Samantha Quek – have suggested Raven should prioritize different issues. As she explained, the game’s current buggy state on console is a much bigger problem than any amount of in-game cash could be.

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It will be interesting to see how Raven addresses these concerns, as they have maintained an interest in hearing feedback. At the moment, it seems that changes will be coming to Warzone in the not-too-distant future.