Dr Disrespect explains why Battlefield 2042 has him more hype than Halo Infinite now

Brad Norton
YouTube: Dr Disrespect/EA

Dr Disrespect hasn’t been too high on Halo Infinite in the leadup to launch, and now, having played the Battlefield 2042 Beta, he’s far more intrigued by EA’s adrenaline-fuelled shooter than the ‘forgettable’ Halo follow-up.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for FPS fans around the world. From the CoD Vanguard Beta to early Halo Infinite Test Flights and the recent BF 2042 open weekend, players have been able to go hands-on early with 2021’s closing slate of blockbuster titles.

Activision, 343 Industries, and Electronic Arts are all vying for both your attention and your money as the year winds down, but one appears to be leading the pack already, according to Dr Disrespect.

Having now played all of the above, Doc seems most satisfied with the state of BF 2042. Despite the various bugs and removed features, the two-time simply had more fun in EA’s bombastic shooter than all the rest.

Dr Disrespect: Halo vs Battlefield?

“Were you more impressed with Halo or Battlefield?” a viewer asked during Doc’s latest stream. “Battlefield,” he said without a moment’s hesitation.

Battlefield 2042 tank gameplay
Electronic Arts
The high-octane Battlefield Beta was more up Doc’s alley than Halo’s early tests.

“There’s elements of Battlefield that I was impressed with,” he said. “Halo… I’m trying to think of what I was impressed with.”

Having previously labeled Infinite as an “empty” game, and one that could be dead on arrival without a battle royale component, Doc’s had his fair share of criticism for Infinite already. The main reason behind all this negativity, however, is that 343’s latest iteration just feels like “Halo 4.5,” he explained.

“I’ve gotta be honest, I don’t even remember playing [Infinite].

Halo infinite characters
Halo Infinite just felt like more Halo 4, according to the Doc.

In comparison, his early BF 2042 session left a far more memorable impression with its “fantastic” attachment system and dynamic events.

“I really like that quick equip feature,” the two-time said. Rather than dipping into menus, players are able to swap their attachments on the fly in the new Battlefield, rapidly cycling through scopes, magazines, and more.

“That was one of my big concerns from seeing it. That it might be clunky, not as efficient. Something like that, you want to be able to ‘bop, bop, bop,’ and you’re going. That’s exactly what they built, I think it’s fantastic.”

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On a similar note, Doc was quick to heap praise on the game’s visuals as well. Not just the moment-to-moment graphics, but in-game events in particular “look fantastic,” in the Doc’s eyes.

“There’s something about the vista this game brings. That’s the world I want to fight in where it just feels like the world is alive, the scale is massive. They kinda pulled that off pretty well.”

Dr Disrespect had already gone on record explaining how BF 2042’s new November 19 release date is troublesome for CoD Vanguard.

Now, if Halo Infinite fails to deliver from his perspective, it could be Battlefield’s year through and through.