DICE responds to Battlefield 2042 delay concerns after rocky Beta release

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Despite a turbulent Beta launch on October 6, DICE has assured Battlefield 2042 is still on track for its full release on November 19, ending any considerations for another delay.

Battlefield players around the world got their first taste of 2042 yesterday. The private portion of EA’s highly anticipated Beta was finally set live for those with active preorders.

While thousands have jumped in over the first 24 hours before the floodgates open to the general public on October 8, it hasn’t been a completely smooth ride.  Our early playtest at Dexerto left us feeling flat and somewhat concerned another delay might be necessary in light of various bugs and gameplay issues. 

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While much of the community has also experienced these early problems, 2042 still appears to be on track for its full release, DICE has confirmed. 

Outside of the expected server hassles as EA ‘scales up’ for the Beta, rough optimization, troublesome AI, and various glitches have all come under question to name a few of the Beta’s more glaring issues.

Despite the current state of the game, EA assured during our test that this build is already “a few months old”. DICE doubled down on that messaging in an October 7 blog post, explaining that the team has already “implemented numerous improvements into the launch build.”

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So what gamers are experiencing today and across this coming weekend already appears to be a fairly outdated version of 2042, according to the devs. 

Thanks to the initial delay, DICE has had more time to further work on 2042’s “visual fidelity and stability issues”. Both these features have raised eyebrows in the Beta, but devs are confident a second delay won’t be necessary.

If all is to be believed, the current build of 2042 is in a far more polished state and the game is nearly ready for launch. We’ll just have to see if that holds true in the remaining five weeks before the full game comes online.

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“We’re on track for worldwide launch on November 19 and early access on November 12,” DICE confirmed. “This is just a slice of the final product.”

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