Battlefield 2042 leak reveals returning specialists from Bad Company 2 & more

Sam Comrie
Irish Battlefield 2042
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Battlefield 2042 is poised to bring a wealth of customization options on November 19, and now it seems that some familiar specialists will be joining the gunfight.

With several major conflicts explored over the decades, Battlefield has developed a detailed history of exploring warfare across the world. Bringing a host of diverse characters to wage war in each installment, there have always been plenty of specialists to choose from.

Leaks from the Open Beta suggest that the full game will be bringing along some familiar faces.

Battlefield 2042 specialist holding weapon
Battlefield 2042 officially releases on November 19, 2021.

Specialists of Battlefield’s past are set to return

Opting to deliver players a truly unique experience, it seems that Battlefield 2042 will be broadening their horizons past the typical flavor of modern military characters. With everything from present-day to World War I covered in different installments, it looks like players will be able to bring a selection of multi-era specialists into the game.

Discovered by Reddit user Several-Air-9576, it seems in the PC version of the Open Beta, that more than just the standard four operators were available. From Battlefield 3 / 4 era mercenaries to the Battlefield 1 / 5 flavor World War-era soldiers, players will be able to customize their playstyle more than ever.

“My Bad Company 2 Bois looking great” one respondent said on the appearance of these familiar faces, that include fan favorites such as ………..

Battlefield 2042 Specialist
Battlefield 2042 is set to bring the whole franchise together.

Battlefield 2042 will be bringing a sandbox-style mode known as Portal too, which will allow players to forge their own brand of chaos with assets sourced from multiple eras for Battlefield. While this could be a glitch within Conquest mode on the Open Beta, we do know that these characters will appear in the aforementioned Portal mode.

November 19 is set an exciting reveal when Battlefield 2042 finally launches. Until then, make sure you’re stocked up on tips and tricks to be the best in battle.