Battlefield 2042 player goes viral on TikTok by sniping enemy with a recorder

Michael Gwilliam
Battlefield streamer snipes with a recorder

Battlefield 2042’s kill confirm sound was music to a player’s ears after he managed to secure a wicked snipe while using a recorder as a controller in a viral TikTok.

Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see players use all sorts of bizarre controllers in video games and share their experiences online for the world to see.

We’ve seen drums, guitars and now even recorders used to secure frags and for one player, their snipe with a musical instrument has to be seen to be believed.

Battlefield 2042 player snipes with a recorder

In the footage uploaded by TikTokker xdeanobeano, the Battlefield 2042 players used his recorder to aim with his sniper rifle and carefully adjust his crosshair to an enemy atop of a building in the distance.

Battlefield 2042 takes bullet drop into account, so players need to carefully aim above their opponents in order to actually hit their shots.

Despite taking some damage himself, the TikTokker and Twitch streamer kept his composure and was able to land a phenomenal headshot to win the sniper one-on-one.

“Let’s go!” he roared, fist-pumping after confirming the kill. “Let’s go!”

History of viral musical FPS snipes

The TikTok soon spread like wildfire, accumulating over 1.1M views. It’s unclear if the victim in the clip has seen the video yet, but it’s doubtful they would feel good about knowing they died to a player using a recorder. But hey, at least they weren’t Dean’s first victim.

This isn’t the first time xdeanobeano has captivated audiences with his musical gameplay either. Back in August 2020, the streamer dominated in Call of Duty by using a drum set of all things.

With so much skill, in both video games and musical instruments, it’s anyone’s guess what he whips out next. Maybe he’ll conduct an orchestra and get them to the Call of Duty League? The sky is the limit.