Best PP-29 Battlefield 2042 class setup: Attachments, Gear, Specialists, more

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An image of the PP-29 from Battlefield 2042.

If you prefer to push the pace in Battlefield 2042, you’ll need a weapon that can keep up too. The PP-29 Submachine Gun is a brilliant choice, and with some tweaks, can be a formidable addition to your loadout.

Battlefield 2042 brings players back into the signature fold of massive maps and bombastic action. It’s full of chaotic moment-to-moment gameplay, but you’ll need to have your wits about you in close-quarters-combat. EA DICE gives the player a dependable selection of starter weapons to use, but the PP-29 is worth grinding XP to unlock.

Here’s how you can put together a brutal PP-29 loadout.


A screenshot of the PP-29 from Battlefield 2042.
The PP-29 is perfect for aggressive, fast-paced soldiers.

Best PP-29 loadout and attachments in Battlefield 2042

Sight XO Smart 2x
Ammunition High Power
Underbarrel Factory Mount
Barrel Extended Barrel

The PP-29 Submachine Gun, or Bison, can be turned into an overwhelming force fairly easily. Appearing as a more refined version of the PP-19 Bison (seen in Battlefield 3), this SMG  sports an impressive 53 bullet magazine.

  • Firstly, you’ll want to equip the XO Smart 2x sight to mark your opponents. Offering more visibility than its 1.5x predecessor, this sight allows you to pick off enemies with precision.
  • For increased damage, you should also equip the High Power magazine.
  • In this case, there’s no real need for an underbarrel. So the standard Factory Mount will work just fine.
  • Finally, to add some much-needed range into the equation, equip the Extended Barrel to ensure your targets are dealt with.

How to unlock the PP-29 in Battlefield 2042

Unlocking the PP-29 in Battlefield 2042 is a relatively simple process, as it will become available to use upon reaching Level 18.

Best PP-29 class in Battlefield 2042 (Gear & Specialists)

Battlefield 2042 Specialist gameplay
Dozer is the only specialist that can withstand more damage than the rest.
  • Specialist: Dozer
  • Gadget: SOB-8 Ballistic Shield
  • Trait: Blast Resistant

The PP-29 will grant you an immense sense of speed when it comes to drilling down your enemies. However, speed isn’t always the way to win when it comes to your specialist. As you’ll no doubt rush objectives with your squad, we recommend choosing the Tank-like Dozer as your Specialist.

His bulky nature may make him less favorable than speedier Specialists, but his Blast Resistant trait makes him able to withstand far more damage than any other Specialist in the game.

Dozer is also equipped with an excellent SOB-8 Ballistic Shield, that will deflect any incoming fire as you guide your squad into the fight.

PP-29 loadout stats

With this PP-29 loadout and class setup equipped in Battlefield 2042, you’ll be a force to reckon with at close ranges. This class setup’s overall stats are:

Weapon Stats
Firepower 30
Accuracy 42
Range 44
Handling 56
Rate of Fire 650
Magazine Size 53
Fire Modes Single Fire/Full Auto
Zoom Level 1.25

Now you’re equipped to attack with ease, thanks to this great Battlefield 2042 PP-29 loadout.

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