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When does Apex Legends Season 8 start? Season 7 end date, new Legend leaks

Published: 10/Jan/2021 14:07 Updated: 10/Jan/2021 14:08

by Daniel Cleary


Just when it feels like a new Apex Legends season has started, the next one is always fast approaching. Season 8 is up next, so here’s when it drops and what to expect when it does.

Apex Legends’ seventh season delivered much of what fans had been asking for, after finally debuting the Olympus map, adding the new Legend Horizon, as well as lots of new cosmetic content and balance tuning.

However, with Season 8’s release starting to creep up, Apex fans are always eager to see what Respawn has in store for them in the next major update. Here’s everything we know so far.

When is Apex Legends Season 8?

The current battle pass of Apex Legends is scheduled to end on February 1, 2021. So, players can also expect Season 8 to go live shortly after the massive update that’ll implement major changes to the game.

It’s worth noting that the 2 year anniversary of Apex Legends will be on February 4. Season 4 started on February 4, 2020, so Respawn may want to keep the tradition going of a new season on the game’s anniversary.

Of course, there is always a chance that the season could be delayed to a later date, as was seen with Season 5, but Respawn have shown no signs of pushing the S8 update back, as of yet. On the other hand, Season 7’s release date was actually brought forward a week, so we know that launch dates are flexible. For now, though, mark the start of February in your calendars.

mirage on trident in apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 8 is scheduled for February 1, 2021.

Will Fuse be the new Legend in Apex Legends Season 8?

Every single season introduces a new character to the Apex Legends universe, and Season 8 is expected to continue that pattern. Respawn, naturally, try and keep the upcoming characters under wraps for as long as possible, allowing them to assess metas and build up new Legends with teasers and official reveals. Regardless, some details manage to drip out.

Data-mined files point towards a legend named Fuse, whose abilities will be linked to pyrotechnics and explosives. Currently, indications suggest his Tactical Ability will be known as ‘Projectile Grenade’, with an ult called ‘Firebomb’. Passive details have not yet emerged.

Interestingly, these details link up with a fan-made concept we saw in 2019, also titled Fuse. Despite the leaks, it must be said that this remains completely unconfirmed. Respawn have previously put red herrings in the game’s files to throw off the data miners. Need we remind you of Forge, who was murdered by Revenant as part of the latter’s official reveal?

horizon in apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon was the latest character added to Apex Legends.

What else to expect in Apex Legends Season 8:

With the release of Olympus in Season 7, it is unlikely that Respawn have any intentions of adding yet another map to the pool for another few seasons at least. But, it is likely that Olympus will receive some changes, possibly new locations, before the Apex Games resume for Season 8.

Season 7 also bucked the trend by not adding a new weapon at launch. There has also been no confirmation, so far, of any weapons coming in the next season, although a number of unreleased weapons have been spotted in dev streams, including a bow and a new rifle.

Other features that have either been leaked or spotted in dev streams include a new Gadget-type loot, as well as emotes that can be used when on the ground (rather than just skydive emotes).

Leaks have now uncovered a Season 8 Anniversary Collection Event, celebrating 2 years since the game’s launch. This event looks set to bring a host of new cosmetics to Apex Legends, including some incredible character and weapon skins. It also looks set to reward players with Heirloom shards that can go towards existing Heirlooms in the game.

Of course, there should also be plenty of other cosmetic items included in the next battle pass, some balance changes to Legends like Wraith, who is expected to receive heavy nerfs.

That sums up everything we know about Season 8, for now, but there will be much more uncovered about the next chapter of Apex Legends as we approach it. As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest news, updates, guides, and more.

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Apex Legends dev responds to calls for increased level cap beyond 500

Published: 19/Jan/2021 12:02

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends dev Jason McCord has explained why he’s against just lifting the level cap from 500 to a bigger number, but hinted at having some ideas for making a change. 

There are plenty of goals for any Apex Legends grinder to hit when they drop into Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale. You can go after the Apex Predator rank in Ranked mode, you can try and pick up every cosmetic, or you can go after the top player level of level 500.

Previously, that top player level was limited to level 100, but after players kicked up a fuss about not having much else to do when they got their, Respawn lifted the cap all the way to level 500. And they added in a few goodies like weapon charms and Apex packs, too.

However, many players have already gotten up to level 500 now, and want another target to aim for. Yet, it’s unlikely that the Respawn devs are going to budge anytime soon.

EAPlayers can now hit Level 500 in Apex Legends, if they dare!


Jason McCord, the Design Director at Respawn Entertainment, responded to a question about increasing the level cap on January 18.

“Any chance we ever see lift on the level 500 cap?” asked one curious player.

“Some day, maybe,” McCord responded a few hours later. “I’m not personally convinced that making that number bigger is the best way to feel progression in the game. We have some ideas.”

The note of “some ideas” might spark speculation about things like a prestige system, similar to the one that has been in Call of Duty for the longest time, coming to Apex Legends. 

That would give players something to strive towards, but, it can be argued that it is just similar to adding a bigger number. You’d still be grinding out ranks, but you could add even more unique badges to your player card so you stand out a bit more. 

Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see what Respawn decides to do, but at least it appears as if they’re aware of the calls that some fans have for a higher cap.