When is Apex Legends Season 16? Start date, Season 15 end date, more

Catalyst next to Horizon in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 16 is rapidly approaching and is promising to shake up all that’s established in Respawn’s battle royale. Now only a few weeks away, here’s when S16 will release and the content we expect to accompany it.

Apex Legends Season 15 kicked off back in November 2022, with the community still enjoying all the new content that arrived with Eclipse.

From brand-new Legend Catalyst, a new Broken Moon map, or sticker cosmetics for healing items, it’s safe to say Respawn delivered a lot for players in the BR’s latest major update.

We’ve had refreshments in the form of the Spellbound Collection Event but, as new seasons bring the most significant updates, players are eager for Season 16 to drop along with all its new content.

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When does Apex Legends Season 16 start?

Season 16 Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Seasonal updates typically arrive in Apex Legends every few months.

Season 16 of Apex Legends will start on Tuesday, February 14 – aka Valentines day.

Season 15, Eclipse, launched on November 1, 2022, alongside a new seasonal battle pass. As has become typical, the battle pass’ countdown timer tells us when the current season will end and the subsequent one will begin.

This season is much longer than normal though, meaning rather than around 90 days, it’s 105. This is slightly longer than a typical Apex Legends season but, taking the holidays into account, it works out roughly as equal to most.

As the new season starts on Valentine’s day, Apex is also getting players in the romantic mood with the Date Night LTM.

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What’s coming in the Apex Legends Season 16 update?

While official details remain largely absent, rumors and leaks about Season 16 have stacked up. Firstly, it looks like it could be the first Apex Legends post-launch season to not bring a new Legend.

Every season to this point has debuted a new character but, according to insider ThordanSmash, Season 16 will focus on tweaks to existing content and won’t release a new Legend.

Apex Legends Season 16Respawn Entertainment
It’s hard to know all the content coming in Season 16, but we know a fair amount.

While that may disappoint some fans, we do expect major changes to the existing character pool: leaks indicate an overhaul to Legend classifications and abilities.

We also expect buffs and nerfs – which were absent from Season 15’s update. Specifically, the devs have confirmed that Horizon is to be nerfed. She was heavily weakened in the Spellbound Collection Event, but the devs have confirmed that this was an accident and that her nerf will follow ALGS London.

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Alongside those changes, we’re also expecting the weapon pool to change. A new SMG and the previously mined Nemesis burst assault rifle have been touted by leakers.

In short, there’s a lot for players to look forwards to, even if it’s accurate that there won’t be a new Legend.