When is Apex Legends Season 17? Season 16 Revelry end date

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Apex Legends Season 16 may have only just dropped, but fans are already casting their minds forward to what is to come with its successor. Here, we run through when that will happen and the content that it will bring. 

Apex Legends Season 16 finally dropped on Valentine’s Day 2023, bringing a huge number of changes to Respawn’s battle royale. 

It overhauled Legend classification, bringing five new character categories and perks, as well as a much-requested Team Deathmatch mode. 

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We even saw Apex Legends hit an all-time high in terms of concurrent players, suggesting the new content has gone down incredibly well with its player base. 

But when does Season 16 end, and what content will Season 17 bring? Here’s what we know. 

Is there an Apex Legends Season 17 release date?

Unfortunately, not right now. We can hazard a pretty good guess though, based on typical season lengths and the start date of Season 16. 

Revelry began on February 14, 2023. Typical seasons are around three months in length and, using past February season end dates, we expect Season 17 to begin in early to mid-May. 

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They also tend to go live on Tuesdays, so Tuesday 9 May seems a realistic estimate at this point. We will of course update this when more information is confirmed by Respawn. 

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Apex Legends Season 17 promises more for all fans.

Apex Legends Season 17 content

Because we’re still a long way off, there’s no confirmed content for Season 17. 

However, we know that it will return to the typical formula of releasing a new Legend – which Season 16 skipped to focus on new Legend classes. It could well be Ballistic, an ‘Apex arms dealer’ who recently leaked.

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We also expect the typical series of weapon and Legend buffs and nerfs, again to shake up Season 16’s prevailing meta. 

That’s all we know to this point, but we will keep this page refreshed as new information emerges.