Apex Legends 30-30 Repeater: New Season 8 weapon details revealed

30-30 RepeaterRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 8 will be introducing a new weapon – the 30-30 Repeater. It’s a lever-action rifle that “packs a punch,” it’s unlike any other weapon in the game so far. But, will it be any good?

Season 7 of Apex Legends bucked the trend by not adding a new weapon at all. This didn’t really bother anyone, as there was a whole new map to worry about, and the beloved R-99 was returned to floor loot.

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But, players knew that more weapons were coming, after numerous sightings of unreleased guns were spotted in dev streams, including this mystery 30-30 Repeater which has now been confirmed.

We first saw the rifle in the Season 6 dev stream, as it laid on the ground for a brief moment.

Apex Legends 30 30 repeater on the floorRespawn Entertainment
The 30-30 repeater was first spotted in the Season 6 dev stream.

What is the 30-30 repeater in Apex Legends?

The new Season 8 weapon is actually tied to the lore. The new Legend, Fuse, joins the games from the planet Salvo, and he’s bringing the 30-30 Repeater with him.

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It’s described as “Salvo’s most popular weapon” and Fuse is seen posing with it in his promotional image. The 30-30 Repeater is a lever-action rifle that “picks apart the opposition with hard-hitting rounds.”

30-30 Repeater gameplay

Gameplay of this new weapon was provided by YouTuber Dazs, who got to play Season 8 and its new contents early by being a member of EA’s Game Changer network.

As showcased in the video below, it seems to have a relatively solid rate of fire, especially when you consider that it’s a lever-action rifle. Hopefully, the damage will be able to stand next to the other weapons in the game as well. Only time will tell, of course.

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30-30 Repeater ammo type

It’s now been confirmed that the 30-30 Repeater will indeed take Heavy Rounds, as had been suspected based on early teasers. The base clip-size is 6 rounds, but that can be increased with extended mags, including the new Level 4 gold extended mag, which offers an auto-reload feature.

  • Base ammo: 6 rounds
  • Level 1 extended mag: 8 rounds
  • Level 2 extended mag: 10 rounds
  • Level 3 extended mag: 12 rounds

The reload speed of the weapon is quite slow since each round gets loaded individually, so a good idea is to reload well before your clip runs out.

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30-30 Repeater Attachments

While we won’t know the entire array of attachments available for the 30-30 until Season 8 is fully released, we do have a good idea of all the compatible ones from the early gameplay that’s available. The confirmed attachments so far are stocks, all four levels of extended mags, and several sights like the 1x, 2x, 3x, and 2x-4x. You cannot equip a 4x-8x or a 6x scope.

The location of the meter that indicates your Charged Shot (see below) also changes depending on what sight you’re using; the charge bar will show on the gun itself when using an iron sight or 1x scope and will be on the optic itself if using something more zoomed in, like the 3x.

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30-30 Repeater attachmentsRespawn Entertainment / Dazs - YouTube
This shot of the 30-30 Repeater in the player’s inventory gives a glimpse of the attachment slots.

30-30 Repeater damage stats & Charged Shot

One of the interesting aspects of the Repeater is that it features a charge shot, which is a round that can be charged up before firing for increased damage. Here is the damage profile for the weapon with and without this charged shot:

  • No Charge Shot body: 42
  • No Charge Shot head: 74
  • Full Charge Shot body: 57
  • Full Charge Shot head: 100

Obviously whether or not you should use the Charged Shot will depend on the situation; it’s probably better to avoid it when in gunfights that require you to spam your shots, and only use it when you can afford those gaps of time between each round.

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Overall, Dazs describes the 30-30 as falling right between the Longbow and G7 Scout: “The G7 has a faster rate of fire but less damage and the Longbow has a slower rate of fire but more damage. The 30-30 is a perfect weapon to pack a punch between mid-range and long-range shots.”

30-30 Repeater Skins

The weapon should launch with over 16 common and rare skins, five Epic skins, and three Legendary skins. We already got a sneak peek at one of the Legendary camos in the Season 8 gameplay trailer, along with several other Legend and weapon skins.

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30-30 Repeater skinRespawn Entertainment
This is likely one of the Legendary skins coming for the 30-30 Repeater in Season 8.

That’s everything we know so far about the 30-30 Repeater in Apex Legends. Expect more information to drop about the new weapon ahead of the Season 8 launch on February 2.