How to equip Dive Trails in Apex Legends: What they are & how they work

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Whether you’re new to Apex Legends or just haven’t really bothered to delve into the game’s huge number of customizable options, incredible Dive Trails are the perfect way to blast into a map.

Now into Season 12, Apex Legends is still managing to entice new players to its fabulous world, with an ever-rising player count being proof of that. Mad Maggie has entered the fray to play havoc with pick rate percentages, and Control offers a new way to enjoy Respawn’s intense shooter.

With new players aplenty, it means that there’s a whole new world for newcomers to explore, one area, in particular, is the sea of cosmetic options. Once players start racking up new gear through Apex Packs they can start swapping them all out — including Dive Trails.

Find out what exactly Dive Trails do and how to equip them for your favorite characters.


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Dive Trails are not wholly important in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a nice touch provided by Respawn that you can change it up.

What are Dive Trails in Apex Legends?

Dive Trails allow players to alter the jet stream that is emitted by the player as they deploy into the map. Whether it’s the initial descent into the map or by using Redeploy Beacons, players will leave a trail behind them as they head for terra firma.

Every Legend will start off with a default trail, but as you unlock more and increase the items in your wardrobe, you’ll eventually need to settle on some favorites as there’s a lot!

Apex Legend diving into world's edge
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Dive Trails are one of many different cosmetic items in the game.

How to equip Dive Trails in Apex Legends

Apex Legends has a deep series of menus filled with statistics, information on Legends, and a whole lot more. But it’s thankfully not too difficult to negotiate and select a new Dive Trial if you so desire.

Here’s how to equip a Dive Trail in Apex:

  1. Head to the game’s main online menu
  2. Switch over to the ‘Loadout’ tab
  3. Find ‘Game Customization’ and press on it
  4. Cycle through the various options until you locate a section entitled ‘Skydive Trail’
  5. The important final step is to ensure you press ‘Equip’ on your chosen selection, doing so will guarantee it’s now your new Dive Trail

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