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Who is Maggie in Apex Legends? Rumored Season 12 Legend: Abilities, lore

Published: 20/Jan/2022 16:54

by Alex Garton


First introduced in Season 8 during the Ring Fury takeover, Fuse’s childhood friend Maggie is now rumored to be the Season 12 Legend.

Apex Legends is filled with a range of interesting characters who each have their own backstory and place in the game’s lore. While the majority of the personalities we meet in Apex can be found as in-game legends, some remain behind the curtain and hidden from view.

One such character was ‘Mad Maggie’, a personality who appeared as a temporary announcer in Season 8, both in the Chaos Theory and War Games events.

Her strong Australian accent was hard to miss and now, according to a set of leaks found in the game files, she could be arriving as the new Legend in Season 12.



Mad Maggie Apex
Respawn Entertainment
Mad Maggie was introduced to Apex Legends in Season 8.

Who is ‘Mad Maggie’ in Apex Legends?

‘Mad Maggie’ was the long-time friend of Walter ‘Fuse’ Fitzroy before the Explosives Expert decided to leave Salvo and join the Apex Games. Maggie saw Fuse’s decision to leave their home planet and join the Syndicate run competition as a betrayal of their friendship.

In Fuse’s ‘Stories from the Outlands’ video, we see the pair grow up together and form a strong bond. However, when Fuse broke the news to Maggie that he was joining the Apex Games, their struggle and fight resulted in Fuse losing his arm.

If that wasn’t enough, she even sabotaged his debut appearance in the games by firing weapons at the crowd and destroying large portions of the King’s Canyon map.


So, despite not appearing physically anywhere in-game just yet, dataminers are suggesting that might be about to change.

Is Maggie coming to Apex Legends in Season 12?

Although Maggie’s backstory makes it very clear she’s against the Apex Games, a set of leaks has suggested she may be arriving as the new Legend in Season 12.

Reliable dataminers KralRindo and Shrugtal began searching the game files following the Raiders Collection event and both found an “empty light anim” file for Maggie, something that only gets added for new upcoming Legends.

Not only that, but Kral also discovered a set of skydive emote sounds for Maggie relating to her throwing some kind of knife. Although we don’t have any images of her in-game, these are files that would only be added if she was going to be a new Legend.


Finally, reliable leaker Shrugtal has revealed that a “live” dogfight teaser will be taking place in regular matches starting on January 21. So, be on the lookout for the air battle in your games and head over to North Pad to see the wreckage, it could give us some clues about Maggie.

So, while all leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt, the evidence is starting to mount up and it’s looking like Fuse’s childhood companion may be added to the roster next season.

Mad Maggie Apex
Respawn Entertainment
Both Fuse and Maggie are from the Salvo.

What are Maggie’s abilities in Apex Legends?

As we’ve heard nothing from Respawn on Maggie’s potential kit it’s hard to pin down exactly what her abilities are going to be.


However, Apex Legends YouTuber Thordan Smash discussed the topic in a recent video and mentioned the link KralRindo made between Maggie and Husaria, a Legend that was datamined in the past.

When Husaria was found in the files, a set of abilities were also discovered, including a Shotgun Kick Passive, a Tactical Flashbang, and a Sonic Wave style Ultimate that disables traps and disorientates enemies.

Although it’s possible Husaria was just a codename for Maggie, it’s hard to know whether Respawn has re-designed her abilities since then.

Either way, it’s even more evidence pointing towards Maggie arriving in Season 12. so we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for any more announcements, and maybe even an official announcement closer to February.


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