Apex Legends crashes after Season 12 launch showing -9999 coins and Legends unplayable

Calum Patterson
Apex Legends Season 12 server down
Respawn Entertainment

A widespread bug is affecting lots of players on the second day of Apex Legends Season 12, preventing post-launch Legends from being used, and displaying -9999 Apex coins. Other players are unable to connect to the servers at all.

The past couple of Apex season launches have been free of the server errors that plagued earlier seasons, which would see the game made unplayable globally for a short time after the new update went live.

Season 12 started well on day one, with no major errors, but on February 9, a widespread server error appears to be affecting lots of players.

At around 9AM ET, players were kicked from games, and if they were able to reconnect to the server, where met with a glitch showing that they had -9999 Apex coins and crafting metals. Players were then surprised to discover that all but the base six Legends were locked.

The bug has so far lasted for around 50 minutes, but it should just be a temporary crash, either until servers get back on track, or Respawn implements a fix.

At around the same time that the bug took place, Apex had reached a new peak player count on Steam, of just under 400,000 players. It’s possible that the surge in players across platforms was responsible for the errors.

Respawn has confirmed they are investigating the errors now, and some players are already reporting that things are getting back to normal.

If you are still encountering the error, we will update this article with any progress or news from the developer or EA.