Apex Legends players beg Respawn for server & audio fixes: “Fix your game before it dies”

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As Apex Legends continues to wallow under the weight of widespread server issues and dubious audio performance, players are once again pleading with developer Respawn to address the game’s major pain-points.

While Season 10 of Apex Legends saw a massive increase in players, and more exposure on social media thanks to an influx of content creators from other titles, the game’s tenth season has also been plagued by several longstanding issues.

With complaints from the community piling up, Respawn has done their best to address the in-game problems, but the rampant server disconnects and audio issues continue to impact the battle royale’s performance.

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Despite Respawn’s best attempts to resolve those problems, the community has once again taken to social media and voiced their concerns, going so far as to say that the combination of audio and server issues might just be enough to bring down the highly successful title.

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The Apex community is up in arms about the game’s continued issues.

Player frustration once again boiled over on social media when one passionate fan expressed their concerns with the game’s most prevalent pain-points during Season 10: server issues and audio performance.

“We have been complaining about audio and the lack thereof since season 0. You keep bandaiding it, but it’s still nonexistent and unbearable,” the player’s post began.

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They then expressed their anger over the handling of Apex’s servers. “Months ago there was [a] massive demand for better servers. You [just] slapped a few bandaids on, and told us it’ll be much better,” they called out.

“This game is in its best position since release,” the poster remarked, before continuing, “Big-name streamers are playing it. Innumerable new players. Yet, the game doesn’t work. So I will reiterate my point: fix your game, before it dies.”

“Stop bandaiding gaping wounds,” they went on, once again referring to what many players view as ineffective solutions to the BR’s most serious problems. “The game will die if this continues.”

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The player ended their post with one final criticism: “We spend record [amounts of money] every season. How about you use some to fix the big issues permanently, instead of making weapon charms, $20 animal skins, and in-game Bloodhound lore missions.”

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Many players feel audio and server issues are choking the life out of Apex.

That Reddit post received plenty of support from other players, and gained nearly 7k upvotes at the time of writing. With the game’s servers largely unplayable for a portion of Emergence, and continued questionable audio performance, many players feel the title’s general health is worse now than ever.

In the past, both players and pros called for an “Operation Health” season, where Respawn would work to address longstanding issues within Apex while pulling back on their seasonal content, but the developer shot that idea down while explaining why it isn’t feasible.

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Despite Respawn’s continued work on improving both server and audio performance, the Apex Legends community seems to be reaching a breaking point, with some players apparently feeling that if these issues aren’t resolved, it could mean the death of Apex itself.