Apex Legends community split on #ApexStrike campaign for “Operation Health”

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As Respawn Entertainment continue to push out patch fixes for Apex Legends bugs and server issues in Season 10, a call for an #ApexStrike in support of ‘Operation Health’ is getting met with mixed reactions.

Operation Health is a suggestion from some people in the Apex community that asks Respawn to make Season 11 generally dedicated to everything from updating server infrastructure to fixing some of the more prevalent bugs and issues in the battle royale.

While there’s a growing sentiment from fans that Respawn should release more meaningful patch fixes, one developer responded to the campaign for a maintenance-focused season saying: “it’s not really reflective of how game development works.” Still, he reassured players that the team was obviously focused on ironing out the problems.

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Shortly after the launch of the Apex Legends Evolution Collection patch, Respawn issued a few different updates to help server stalls and such, but with varying degrees of results.

As the season goes on, one player has already recommended an #ApexStrike. Though the idea is coming from a good place, it’s being met with mixed reactions.

“It’s our favorite game, please fix it,” user ‘writing-nerdy’ said. The ‘strike’ would have people off the game on September 27 to amplify calls for an Operation Health initiative for Season 11.

“I feel like I should have just called it something else [other than a strike], I just want them to promise to fix big issues,” they explained. “I want them to dedicate time and promise to fix big problems over other minor things and take/acquire help wherever they can.

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Things like operating the game at high fps, broken audio, messed up servers, whatever, shouldn’t be an issue this many seasons in… So if you will stand with me, it’s just one day without Apex and we can show them that it is our favorite game and we want them to fix it! We love Apex!”

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn are working on the influx of issues in Apex Legends.

This immediately garnered responses from voices on both sides of the aisle, as well as players reminding people about the time Ubisoft did their own Operation Health for R6: Siege in 2017.

“Believe me, as someone that has played Siege during Operation Health, you do not want that in Apex,” one user responded.

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Tackling fixes in a free-to-play game demands active development from multiple teams, while having other departments work on new content. Respawn have acknowledged the issues currently affecting Apex Legends and have communicated their resolve in fixing them.

Traction for an Apex Legends strike hasn’t been rolling, but it sounds as if the developers are already on the case to fix the biggest problems the battle royale faces.