Apex Legends players just found Respawn’s server room in-game

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The Apex Legends servers have been laden with issues since the game’s release. It seems players are ready to express their anger by burning down the very room they’re hosted in. 

Shortly after Patch 10.1 was released, frequent outages and interruptions made Apex Legends nearly unplayable for several days. Whether it was completely dropping from the game or just experiencing extreme lag spikes, it was serious enough for Respawn to launch a multi-day fix to take care of the issues.

As expected, this resulted in a lot of frustration and has many people calling for major improvements for the game as a whole. Though the game is back up and running without those big server issues, the community clearly hasn’t let go of their feelings about it all.

This is evidenced by the collective reaction to finding a server maintenance room inside the game itself.

Apex player finds Respawn Entertainment’s server room in-game

Fuse walks away from Apex Legends explosion on Kings Canyon Explosive Holds.

Players’ reactions to this discovery have ranged from enthusiastic to completely and utterly destructive.

One commenter had an optimistic view of how a unified effort could fix the situation entirely: “We need a community event where everyone drops there as Wattson and puts down Ults to see if we can charge these servers back to life.”

The rest of the group was a bit harsher about the prospect of things getting better. One highly-rated comment on the thread simply reads: “Thermite grenades…”

That seems to be a pretty popular idea, as another user chipped in with a sad diagnosis of the situation as well: “You need to shut it down,” they said.”It’s only going to get worse from here op. I know it’s a hard thing to do but you need to do it.”

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Problems with Apex Legends Servers

The last update on the status of server problems and connection issues came on Sept. 22 when Respawn put out a notice that they had fixed some minor bugs that were causing players to keep disconnecting.

This could be good news, as a lack of updates likely indicates a lack of internal problems like the ones that caused that initial downtime.

Give the game’s spotty track record with these things, it looks as if it’s going to take a lot more than that to convince players that things are on the mend.