Apex Legends fans suggest potential Lifeline buffs for Season 11

Shay Robson
Lifeline drumming her DOC alongside Apex Legends logo

After facing neglect from the devs for quite some time, Apex Legends players are suggesting some reasonable changes to one of the game’s most beloved Legends, Lifeline.

Following what some could consider a rework in Season 9 of Apex Legends, Lifeline has received little to no love from the Respawn devs.

As the neglect continues, players have come up with some imaginative ideas on what could be changed for the most picked Legend, and some of them are surprisingly good.

Lifeline Apex Legends Arenas tier list
Repsawn Ent
Lifeline is one of the original eight that launched with Apex Legends.

Since the launch of Apex Legends in 2019, Lifeline has always been a solid pick for all players. Her easy-to-use kit makes it inviting for players to pick her up, and though being a good pick in the meta, some believe the battle-medic needs a little more love.

A post on Apex Legend’s subreddit asked players if they could change anything about lifeline, what would it be? And surprisingly it got some reasonable suggestions.

“Have the care package double as a respawn beacon,” was the most popular suggestion brought forward. This change to her ultimate would allow players to be respawned at a safer location than the usual respawn beacon hotspots.

The suggestion for the ultimate change was well received, with one player adding: “This is sick. Especially when you need to respawn in a teammate for them to get loot. Maybe there would be an option where it drops and you can respawn and pick up an evo shield, a blue gun with some ammo, and some cells and syringes as normal.”

Another approach was to scrap the current ultimate and make her a whole new one, as “the care package is trash,” according to a commenter. Others brought back a classic idea of letting her stack more meds than normal, similar to how Fuse can carry more grenades.

Season 11 of Apex Legends is on the horizon, set to release on November 2, we could see some of the community suggestions implemented, or at least acknowledged.