Apex Legends dev explains why ‘Operation Health’ season wouldn’t work

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Respawn’s Director of Communications, Ryan Rigney, has poured more cold water on the prospects of an ‘Operation Health’ season in Apex Legends, explaining why it wouldn’t work for the Titanfall BR. 

Apex’s recent issues have been incredibly frustrating for both Respawn and the player base. Server issues – which it was hoped would be solved by September 22 – have dragged on and players on all platforms are still finding disconnects all too common.

The enduring problems have pushed a number of Apex Legends players to call for a season with no new content, purely focussing on solving the game’s bugs.

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It is most comparable to Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Health, which occurred back in the tactical FPS’ Year Two.

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Operation Health was a whole season dedicated to fixing Rainbow Six.

While Respawn devs have expressed doubts in the past, Director of Communications Ryan Rigney seemed to confirm that it won’t be happening, explaining exactly why on September 23.

The conversation was sparked by Apex streamer BRose511, who said: “I think I can speak for a majority if not all of the apex community with this: We will take a season of 0 new content for the game to be properly balanced, servers fixed, and audio issues resolved.”

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However, Rigney responded: “Game dev simply doesn’t work this way. Devs aren’t villagers from Age of Empires that can all just be moved from “content creation” to “bug fixing.” IDK how else to explain this.”

He finished: “The Rainbow Six Siege example was a great marketing stunt tho. So was “Fix PUBG,” which I worked on.”

Despite the popularity, the suggestions have been met with, it seems that Respawn is not really exploring them as a genuine option.

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As Rigney explained, only a select few on development teams focus on bug fixing, and transferring everyone to focus on one task is not only unrealistic but probably futile.

Regardless of what comes in Apex Legends Season 11 and beyond, we hope to see the game’s general health looking brighter.

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