Apex Legends devs share weekend-long timeline for fixing server issues

Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends server nightmare continues for Respawn Entertainment as the team announced that they expect problems to hold throughout the weekend. 

Things have been bad for Apex Legends ever since patch 10.1 was released on September 14. Ever since the update players have consistently been disconnected from the game or prevented from searching for matches entirely.

The Apex team has announced that they are working on the issues but expect some problems to persist throughout the weekend.

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Here’s the official announcement.

When will the Apex Legends Servers be fixed?

There is no clear timeframe for the fix at this moment. It also seems that there isn’t one singular issue, but several small problems all moving at the same time.

These problems began shortly after the release of Patch 10.1, which is a scenario that Apex players are all too familiar with. While the original issue of not connecting to a lobby was fixed quickly that day, more problems continued to spring up out of the woodwork.

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It was only two hours after their initial update for another statement to be made about the consistent problems.

Shortly after this update, another all-clear announcement was made, and it seemed like things might be stable. This only lasted until the following morning when connectivity problems had clearly returned.

Respawn made two more announcements throughout the day to say that they are actively working on the problems and would keep the community up to date on a fix.

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We’re hopeful that they get things back up and running over the weekend so players can get into the game and check out those new Rampart updates.

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