Apex Legends players slam “garbage” servers as timeouts cost them ranks

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Apex Legends players are growing increasingly frustrated with server issues in the popular battle royale, with some taking hits in Ranked mode because of consistent timeouts.

Respawn’s hit battle royale Apex Legends has continually risen in popularity since its release in 2019, with everyone from casual gamers to big-name streamers now counting it as their multiplayer game of choice.

Despite this – and even though it’s an incredibly lucrative title for EA and Respawn – there are still major issues with Apex’s servers, which typically gets amplified around seasonal updates and patch releases.

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Apex Legends players have been experiencing server issues all season.

Since the v10.1 patch was released on September 14, the Apex Legends subreddit has been swamped with multiple posts calling on Respawn to do something about the game’s servers and fix issues like lagging and timeouts.

“I don’t even bother playing on season launch anymore because I know that if I do, I’m restarting my application 40 times and losing all my RP,” wrote one player on a thread with 8,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

While some players are unable to get into matches at all, those who do have experienced timeouts that leave them with double loss points in Ranked, as Apex Legends gives penalties for ‘abandoning’ the match.

“Fix your damn servers. I have lost -192 RP in a row,” wrote Reddit user originalmuffins. “You should give people back their hard-earned RP. There should be something that indicates if someone is trying to reconnect and it won’t let them.”

Another Apex Legends player added: “I’ve had several -96 games. Don’t know why I keep trying. I was diamond 3 and now I’m at the bottom of 4 lol. No point in playing until the season restarts at this rate.”

Respawn devs acknowledged that an “unusual amount” of players were experiencing issues in a tweet on September 15, promising that their team “will keep working until we’ve got things back to normal”.

In a follow-up tweet, Respawn explained that they were still experiencing issues with timeouts in Apex and said they will issue an update to players when they have “meaningful news” to share.

For now, players will just have to sit tight and hope that the server issues are fixed sooner rather than later.