Apex Legends Mixtape mode: New LTM playlist explained

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Apex Legends Season 16 is introducing a new permanent playlist called Mixtape, which brings back previous LTMs on rotation. Here’s everything Apex fans need to know about the new playlist.

One of the things the Apex Legends player base requests most from the development team at Respawn are more Limited Time Modes, or LTMs, to shake up gameplay.

Over time, Respawn has introduced several modes that have been well-received by the community, including LTMs like Control and Gun Run.

Now, Season 16 brings in a brand new permanent playlist that will bring back previous LTMs like Control, Gun Run, and the newly introduced Team Deathmatch on rotation.

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What is Mixtape playlist in Apex Legends?

Season 16’s Mixtape playlist is a new, permanent playlist added to Apex Legends which will bring back past LTMs such as Control and Gun Run. Similar to how public maps rotate every in intervals, the modes included in the Mixtape playlist will also change periodically.

Respawn Entertainment
Season 16’s Mixtape playlist will periodically bring back fan-favorite Apex Legends LTMs like Control.

Additionally, Apex Legends’ new Team Deathmatch mode will be included in the Mixtape playlist after it is removed from its own dedicated timeslot in the game’s menus.

Thankfully the Mixtape playlist isn’t only limited to these three modes, as Respawn has confirmed that the playlist will evolve and change over time. This means that new modes and LTMs will eventually appear in Mixtape along with older LTMs not mentioned above.

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Mixtape will be available three weeks after the launch of Season 16, with Team Deathmatch only available for the first three weeks.

Will Arenas appear in the Mixtape playlist?

Sadly for fans of Arenas, Respawn confirmed that the mode is being removed from the game as a permanent game mode, with Team Deathmatch hoping to fill the role that Arenas provided players.

While the development team confirmed Mixtape will have a variety of previous game modes, it seems Arenas will not be one of those returning in the playlist.

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